Back to School Shopping Tips

It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks many of our children are going to be heading back to school. For me, the summers usually go by slowly, giving us plenty of time to enjoy the long warm (and hot) days, but this summer flew by so fast that I’m still wondering where I was when it was here!

In fact, I’ve been so laid back this summer, not paying attention to the days as they came and went, that I just now found out when my son’s school is back in session. I’ve got about 3 ½ weeks to get ready for it! That may sound like a long time, but these next three weeks are crammed full of activities. Thankfully, over the last couple of years I’ve learned a few ways to same time (and money) in regards to the back-to-school shopping.

1. Don’t shop the day you get “the list.” When my oldest started the 3-year old program at our local school, I was so excited about shopping for his supplies that I went to Wal-Mart, grabbed the supply list, and jumped right in with all the other excited moms. While I got most of everything I needed, it took me longer than it should have and I left tired and frustrated after fighting all the people. Ever since then, I get the list and take it home where I can look it over and come up with a back-to-school shopping plan of attack! (I take the time to look through store flyers and make several lists for the stores that have various items on sale.)

2. Don’t go with the kiddos. If you are shopping for young children, then consider getting the bulk of the shopping done when they aren’t with you. Sure, they will want to pick out things like their backpacks and lunch boxes, but for the other stuff like crayons, glue, paper, etc. they don’t have to be there. I’ve found that it’s easy to get the school shopping done when my kids aren’t there distracting me. Therefore, I go when my husband is home from work in the evening and it goes MUCH faster.

3. Shop online. While I’m a huge fan of shopping online, I’ve actually never purchased school supplies online before. However, I have a friend who did it for the first time this year and she raves about how simple it was for her to do. She did it one evening when the kids were in bed and a few days later the box showed up at her front door. I am seriously considering this option this year just to save myself the time and frustration back-to-school shopping usually brings. Plus, sometimes you can find better deals when you shop online than in a store.

Those are the ways that I save myself time and money during the craziness of back-to-school. Do you have any additional tips you’d like to add?

The Perfect Dress for Girls

When girls are little, their parents delight is dressing them up so they looking like miniature princesses. And, who can help it? Those princess dresses are just darling hanging on the rack, and even more precious on!  This can get expensive pretty quickly if you’re not careful. So, to save money many parents go to great lengths to keep those dresses clean and wrinkle-free, so they can get as many uses out of them as possible. This is a very smart thing to do, especially with the economy the way it is today. However, regardless of how neat and clean you keep those little dresses there are special occasions that arise every year that require the perfect dress for girl.

The thing about special occasions is that they are special. This means, you have to dress your little one in something special, something that was picked out especially for this occasion. One of the most common special occasions is a child’s first birthday. There are very few mothers who do not see the significance of this special day. But, it’s not just about that day, the preparations begin at least a month before it arrives. There are pictures that have to be taken, and not just any dress will do – it has to be the one dress that practically screams your daughter’s name! Examples of other special occasion dresses include flower girl dresses, Easter dresses and Christmas dresses.

Shopping online will help you find the perfect dress for an exceptional price. A couple of great websites to check out are, as well as, Not only will you find amazing dresses, but you will also find great deals on matching accessories such as girls hair bows, fancy socks and handbags. You may also be able to take advantage of free shipping!

The Best Communion Dresses

The First Communion ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies held by members of the Catholic Church. Before you can take part in other catholic rituals, you have to go through your first communion. Usually, First Communion ceremonies are done with children ranging from ages 5 to 8. However, this is not always the case. The Catholic Church takes communion at every mass, but the First Communion ceremony is usually done outside of the traditional mass service.

Children in the First Communion ceremony have been through extensive studies teaching them about Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us. Another way to put it is that they have learned about the “mystery of Jesus Christ.” The ceremony can only be performed by an ordained priest or diocesan bishop. Once a person has been through the First Communion, they are able to participate in other Catholic traditions.

While the First Communion ceremony itself is the Catholic tradition, the clothing worn by children at the ceremony is not taken lightly either. To symbolize purity, the material is always white. Girls are to wear white communion dresses with gloves and a veil, and boys wear a white dress shirt. Many families invest large amounts of money in the clothing for their child’s First Communion. However, it does not have to be that way. It is quite possible to find the perfect dress or outfit for your son or daughter’s big day at a reasonable price. Shopping online is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Many online childrens formal wear retailers, such as and offer discounts and incentives for ordering online. So, it’s possible to find a great communion dress or outfit that is also high-quality, without spending a fortune.

Clothing by the child is often white to symbolize purity, with boys wearing white dress shirts and girls donning white dresses and veils.