Monthly Archives: May 2010

Turquoise: A True Gem of a Color

There are some colors that just make you happy and feel good. Turquoise is one of those colors. It is a mixture of blue and green, and sometimes has a yellowish tint to it as well. Turquoise got its name after the gem, Turquoise. Turquoise, the gem, has a long history dating back long before […]

Wedding colors: The Soothing Shade of Sage

Think of the color sage as a laid back shade of green. The color green is a bright color that symbolizes life and energy. Sage is just a mellower version of that. While it does still represent life and energy because it is a shade of green, the color sage is a very peaceful and […]

The Shades of Spring: Purple, Lilac and Lavender

 After four months of winter, everyone is ready for the summer weather to arrive. The first hints that winter is lifting begins in the spring when the grass begins to turn green, the trees bud out and the birds begin to sing. Then the flowers begin to bloom and color is everywhere! When this happens, […]

The Romance of Red

All around the world the color red symbolizes love and romance. Every year on Valentine’s Day love is celebrated, and the color red takes center stage. Whether it’s a red box of chocolates, a red Valentine’s Day card, red wrapping paper or a red rose – on that day, red is everywhere! Perhaps, Valentine’s Day […]

Wedding Color: The Elegance of Black

Black is a very symbolic color that can be used to portray a wide variety of emotions and personal styles. One of the most common ways the color black is used to depict a particular emotion is when a funeral takes place. Black is the universal color of death and grief, and therefore, is appropriately […]

The Colors of Fall

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. It occurs in late September through the month of October and can even stretch into the beginning of November. Every year at this time, the countryside transforms into a beautiful landscape with shades of yellow, gold, orange and brown – all of different degrees and hues. These […]

The Brilliance of Fuchsia

The world is full of color. Everywhere you look you see color of some kind, and each color, whether you realize it or not, invokes some type of thought or emotion within you. For example, have you ever wondered what it is about the color yellow that makes you wish it was springtime? Or, why […]

Silver: A Timeless Color

Silver is a sleek and cool color that originated after the precious metal, Silver, was discovered. Silver is used for many things and therefore, has many meanings and emotions associated with it. The most common thing that Silver is associated with is wealth. Silver has long been used for monetary purposes. Just look at the […]

Why a White Flower Girl Dress

Everyone knows the opposite of black is white. This is true in every sense. Black is not just the darkest color, but is also associated with evil. White is the lightest color, some even describe it as the absence of color, and it is associated with everything good and pure. Black has a tendency to […]

Ivory: Understated Elegance

Ivory is a color that is closely associated with white, however, it should be considered its own unique color. While from a distance, Ivory can be mistaken for white, however it is a completely different color upon closer inspection. Ivory is not as bright as white because it has more neutral, earthy tones than white […]