The Romance of Red

All around the world the color red symbolizes love and romance. Every year on Valentine’s Day love is celebrated, and the color red takes center stage. Whether it’s a red box of chocolates, a red Valentine’s Day card, red wrapping paper or a red rose – on that day, red is everywhere! Perhaps, Valentine’s Day is the reason red is so commonly associated with love? Whatever the reason, red is the appropriate color to symbolize love. It is bold, beautiful, expressive, fun, mysterious, sexy and all the things that are necessary for love to take hold.

Because red is such a romantic and sexy color, it is used in a variety of ways. All realms of the fashion industry love the color. You don’t have to look very far to see sweaters, dresses, skirts, shoes, purses, coats and jewelry in the color red. One of the most common uses for the color red is in the lingerie industry. Red is mysterious and sexy, thus, the perfect color for panties, bras and negligees. Another glamorous place for red is at weddings! What better place for it then where love is already in the air? Many wedding dresses are designed with red as an accent color. Bridesmaids and flower girls also look stunning in red dresses. Whenever you need a spark of romance, go with red – it will not disappoint!

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