Summer Grocery Shopping

You know, it’s not that our grocery shopping habits should dramatically change once summer rolls around, but due to the kids being home every day there will be some things that will change. If you’re like me, during the school year all you worry about is having enough food in the house for dinner and maybe a few light snacks (my son’s school provides breakfast for the kids). Therefore, with my son being home every day for the next three months my grocery shopping with change.

The main reason why my habits will change is because I will obviously need more food in the house to make it through the week and the foods I choose to purchase will need to provide my son with the energy he needs to make it through the day. It doesn’t matter if my little one will be home playing with his toys or will be carrying a ring down the aisle in a little boy’s tuxedo for a friend’s wedding…a certain amount of energy is required for both of these occasions, and many others. Below are some of the changes I’ll be making to my grocery list this summer.

1.      More Fruit – I normally keep bananas in stock for quick after-school snacks, but bananas are not going to be the only fruit I need to stock this summer. Fruit is a great energy source and most kids love the taste of various types of fruit. Fruit can be enjoyed for breakfast, snacks or as part of a meal. Some of the fruits I’ll be purchasing this summer include strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes and kiwi.

2.      Real Fruit Juice – Again, I keep real fruit juice in the fridge during the school year, but we don’t go through it very fast when my son is in school. This will change this summer. So, I plan on stocking the fridge with some of the following real fruit juices: orange, apple and pineapple. I also like to buy the Simply Lemonade every now and then too. It’s natural lemonade made from real lemons without all of the preservatives found in other juices.

3.      Sandwich Materials – I’m not sure about you, but our summers are pretty busy around here, so there are many afternoons where I don’t have time to fix a full blown meal. This is when I break out the bread and make sandwiches for everyone. I use whole grain wheat bread for sandwiches. Sometimes we enjoy peanut butter (great source of protein) and jelly sandwiches and other times, I put deli meat on the sandwiches. For a side, I like to include carrot sticks with dip or filled celery sticks.


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