Monthly Archives: January 2013

Do You Have a Spoiled Child?

It’s safe to say that we all know, or have seen someone, who spoils their child. You may not know the person personally, but chances are you’ve at least seen a child in a store throw a temper tantrum until he/she got the wanted item. The problem for many of us is that we look […]

Bullying: Is Your Child a Victim?

One of the most talked about issues in the media today, regarding children, is bullying. We all grew up with “bullies” and had to deal with our fair share of teasing, but today the kids are taking bullying to a whole new level. Sadly, a lot of kids aren’t asking for help, leaving it up […]

Tips for Handling Sibling Arguments

If you have followed our blog for long, you know that I’ve just recently became the mother of two little boys. My oldest is five and my youngest is three months. While they aren’t old enough to have“arguments” between one another, my oldest is starting to have a few issues with his little brother…mainly because […]

Additional Tips for Keeping Children Healthy During Winter

The winter months are generally filled with fun and laughter for families as there are a number of holidays celebrated during this time of year. However, all of those smiles quickly vanish when a member of the family becomes ill, especially if that member is a child. I’m not sure about you, but I personally […]

Tips for Starting Off the New Year Right

Here we are at the beginning of another New Year…2013. I’m not sure if you were ready for it or not, but I felt like 2012 just kind of rushed its way through. It just seemed like it was over before it really had a chance to get started. However, that’s probably just because I’m […]

How to Get Kids Back into the School Routine

I’m sure many of you have already sent your children back to school after the holidays, but today was my son’s first day back to school. I have to say that I was pretty nervous when I picked him up. You know how routines go out-the-window when the holidays roll around and school is out. […]

How to Find Time for Your Spouse in 2013

In one of my earlier posts, I stated that it seems like every year (since I’ve had children) goes by faster and faster! While I enjoy watching the months go by, my children grown and the seasons change…I don’t like the fact that I get so busy with life in general that I lose precious […]