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Summer Tips for Making Mom’s Life Easier

In a previous blog post I mentioned that one of the reasons I love spring is because it’s a time when I do a lot of family planning for the summer. I have to if I want summer to go smoothly. Last year was a real learning experience for me because it was my son’s […]

Not-so-Common Summer Slim Down Tips

Summer is here and as a mom, I feel a little bit more pressure to get myself in better shape. It’s has a lot to do with the fact that school is out and we are going a lot more than normal. For instance, we have t-ball games, soccer games, practices, swimming lessons, vacation, trips […]

Making Learning Fun

By Andrea K. Clark Sometimes I feel like my life is a rollercoaster and I’m just hanging on for dear life. Seriously, there are days when I have no idea how I manage to make it through. With that being said, I know that it’s my job to help my kids learn when I have […]

Things Kids Need to Know Before Kindergarten

What are we teaching our kids? While there are a lot of things that seem to becoming less and less important as the years go by, education is not one of them. The United States has ramped up its effort to help the children of the United States be more competitive academically on the global […]

Good Parenting: Battling the Food Industry

Just a few minutes ago, I read a very informative article regarding the power food companies have through their advertising strategies…especially when it comes to children. The article was written by Michele Simon and is entitled The Dark Side of Marketing Healthy Food to Children,  if you like to, you can read it here. While […]

What Are We Teaching our Kids?

I don’t know about you, but I am growing increasingly concerned about the kids being raised in America today. Have you taken the time to look around at the kids today? It just seems to me that children are continuing to become more self-centered, less motivated and more immature than they used to be. And, […]

What’s a Mom to Do?

I absolutely love days like today. Today is a beautiful summer morning…it is a bright and sunny, 77°F morning. While the weather is absolutely gorgeous, what has me so excited about today is the fact that I have an entire six hours to myself! For those of you who have small children, you know how […]

3 Secrets to 9 Years of Wedded Bliss

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary. I’m a little shocked because it does not seem like it’s really been nine years since we said our vows. However, when I look at the two little guys running around and think about the various trials we’ve been through together, it does feel […]

Babies and Weddings

Infant tuxedo with shorts As you are probably already aware, wedding season is officially here. In just a couple of days we will find ourselves in June, the prime time for weddings! Many of you have probably already received two or three wedding invitations for friends or family members getting married this summer. I know my […]