Popular Flower Girl Dress Styles for Spring Weddings

Spring is just around the corner which means that many of you are frantically trying to finish up your wedding plans for your spring wedding. One of the things that often gets put off until the last minute is finding the flower girl her dress. As a parent, I can see the logic in waiting because the little ones go through growth spurts all the time and, for some reason, they always seem to grow when we don’t want them too…like right before a big event after we have already purchased and altered their outfit.

I have highlighted some of the flower girl dresses that will be trending this spring for those of you in search for a spring flower girl dress. And, yes, you do still have plenty of time to get them ordered as we will have your dress delivered to you within 7 business days, unless you opt for a quicker ship date.


There really isn’t much more that one can do to make an elegant statement than combine satin and lace, which this dress does beautifully. The satin gown is available in champagne, silver and off-white, with each being elegantly adorned with lace trim around the waist and highlighted with a matching satin ribbon and flower for added detail. These dresses truly are gorgeous and will make the perfect statement for your spring wedding!


Vintage is definitely a style that is back in. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about home décor or fashion…people love the vintage look. This is especially true for weddings! The dress above is perfect for vintage spring weddings with its simple bodice, tulle overlay full skirt and the stunning waistline that’s accented with an off-white satin bow, adorned with a matching flower. The dress is available in an assortment of colors, ensuring you are able to find the perfect one.


This lovely little dress will make a splash at spring weddings as its sleeveless bodice and full skirt, accented with a pleated sash and large matching flower at the waist seem to scream “spring!” loud and clear! The dress also features an attractive v-back for additional detail. It is available in canary, pink and seafoam…all beautiful spring colors!

Finding the right flower girl dress for a spring wedding can be hard to do, but hopefully, you have found one of the three styles above appealing as they are all perfect for spring weddings. While the three dresses above are three of our most popular for spring weddings, we still have many more spring flower girl dresses available! And, again, you still have plenty of time to get that flower girl dress ordered and delivered as you will receive it within 7 business days from the day you place your order!

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