The Shades of Spring: Purple, Lilac and Lavender

After four months of winter, everyone is ready for the summer weather to arrive. The first hints that winter is lifting begins in the spring when the grass begins to turn green, the trees bud out and the birds begin to sing. Then the flowers begin to bloom and color is everywhere! When this happens, it’s nature’s signal to the world that winter is over and spring is officially here! Everywhere you look in the months of April and May are full of colors such as yellow, pink and white. However, we also see the magical colors of purple, lilac and lavender!

Purple, lilac and lavender are very uplifting colors that are used in so many ways. While each color is a shade of purple, they each bring their own essence to their environments. Purple is by far the darkest color of the three and is associated with royalty and ambition. Because it is darker, it is a warmer color. Lilac is a shade lighter than purple and therefore, is a cooler color. Because it is a shade between purple and lavender, it has more flexibility in how it is used. Lavender is the coolest of the three colors and is primarily used in the summer months when decorating. It is important to realize that all three colors compliment the others and can be used together, as well. Many spring and summer weddings use one of the above colors as an accent color. Everyone looks good in purple, lilac or lavender, and these colors are excellent for bringing the springtime beauty indoors for a romantic wedding!

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