1st Birthday Party Ideas

Those of you who have been following our blog know that I have two boys. One is five and the other is a week away from 9 months. With my oldest turning six a couple months after Kindergarten starts, it’s safe to say birthdays around here are going to start getting

My youngest son turns the big ONE this August and since the first birthday is a big deal, I’m starting to get some ideas rounded up now. Now, you have to understand that I’m pretty good at procrastinating so the fact that I’m thinking three months in advance for his birthday is pretty amazing. And, since I’ve been looking at first birthday party ideas, I thought I’d share a few with you in case you, or someone you know, have a little one turning one in the next few months!

  • Baby Water Party: Since my son’s birthday is in August, this idea is pretty appealing to me. It can be done at home or at the local pool, depending on your preference. Personally, I like to invite family and close friends (and their kids) only for the first birthday party so I would opt for at home. All you have to do to make this party a hit is fill up a small wading pool with a couple inches of water and advise parents with small children that there will be pools available for splashing. If you have kids of different age groups, you may need more than one pool. Definitely make sure that parents are supervising their kiddos while they’re in the water.
  • Family BBQ: Some people like to keep birthdays for kids under five simple and only invite family over. There’s nothing wrong with this, especially for the first birthday party when the little one won’t remember anyways. It’s a simple idea that usually takes place around noon on a Saturday or Sunday. Hamburgers, hot dogs and other grilled favorites are served and once everyone is full, out comes the cake and everyone gathers around to watch the little one “smash” his/her own personal cake. Then gifts are opened and everyone is able to leave and get home at a decent time! This is definitely the way to go if you prefer a simple first birthday party for your little one.
  • Paint Keepsake Party: This one works well for boys or girls and lets the kids bring home a keepsake for their parents. Since most of the kids at your little one’s first birthday will probably be little, you will want the parents to help with this. Have a table with a plastic table cloth prepared with paper plates, small paintbrushes, paper and paints. Have the kids dip either their hand or foot in the paint and then press on a piece of paper and have parents paint the child’s name and date in the corner. Set aside and let dry. At the end of the party, parents can take the pictures home and frame them for a keepsake!

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