Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

As you know, Easter is only a couple of weeks away. While many people are still trying to get the kids’ Easter dresses and/or boy’s suitsordered for Easter service, there are many others who are already focused on the big after-church festivities. What after-church Easter festivities? Well, the big Easter dinner with friends and family, but for those of us with kids, we also plan a fun Easter egg hunt for the kids too!

Regardless of whether you have the Easter bunny hide the eggs for the kiddos or you hide them and let the kids find them, chances are you do have some kind of Easter egg hunt for the little ones. But, before you can have the hunt you have to decorate the eggs. I’m not sure about you, but decorating Easter eggs the night before Easter was one of my favorite Easter activities, as a child. I want to continue that tradition with my kids, as I’m sure you do too. Below are a few creative ways to decorate Easter eggs.
  • Polka-Dots – When I was a kid, my Easter eggs were dyed with the kits you bought at Wal-Mart. It never crossed my mind to get creative with the eggs. However, I’ve recently seen some pretty cool polka-dotted eggs that would be super easy for the little ones to do. All you have to do is dye the eggs for the base color. Once dried, give your little ones each a pencil with an eraser on it and a plate with different paint colors on it. Simply, dip the pencil’s eraser in the desired paint color and “dot” the egg with it
  • Glitter Eggs – For those with little girls or even boys who like lots of sparkles, why not make a few glittered eggs this year? (Be prepared for a little mess, especially if you have young children.) The first step is to dye the hard boiled eggs for that solid base color. Once that is done, mix craft glue and water together in equal parts. When the eggs are cooled, “paint” them with the glue mixture and follow by rolling in extra fine glitter then let dry
  • Ribbon & Rhinestone Embellished Eggs – If you have older children, then they may enjoy decorating their eggs with ribbon and rhinestones. Again, the eggs need to be dyed first for the base color. They can also be glitter eggs too, it just depends on how much work your kids want to do before they get to the ribbon and rhinestones. Once the egg’s base is done and dry, kids can glue small pieces of decorative ribbon around the middle of the egg and top with decorative rhinestones
  • Stickers – For younger kids, after the eggs have been dyed and cooled, placing decorative stickers on the eggs is a fun and easy way for them to make the eggs unique. I personally prefer to buy the stickers used for scrapbooking because they look nicer and make the eggs “pop” a little more than the thin, flat stickers do. However, any type of sticker can be used and it’s an easy, no-mess way for young kids to decorate Easter eggs!

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