Simple Ways to Freshen Up Old Clothes

As the mother of two boys, I don’t really have to worry about this too much but I have a several friends with little girls who are constantly asking for more clothes…even though they have clothes that are a month or so old. I do understand the issue though, because it wasn’t that long ago that I was a young girl (shoot, I’m still young) and got bored with wearing the same outfits all the time. Honestly, don’t most of us women still feel like this sometimes?

The problem is that there’s never enough money to go out and just buy another outfit because we (or our children) are bored with what we’ve got in the closet. Here are a few suggestions for how to spruce up those “old” clothes:

Add a Jacket – Fall is almost here which means that you (or the kids) won’t look dorky wearing a jacket around town. It’s amazing what a jacket can do for a shirt! If you have young girls with jean jackets, consider helping them add a little personality to the jackets by adding some rhinestones to the jackets. All girls like to sparkle and jean jackets are easy to “fix”!

New Hair Accessories – I saw a little girl today with the cutest hair – she had it pulled into a side ponytail, with colored ribbon hanging down “accenting” her natural blond curls. It was simple, cute and different. The cool thing was that the ribbons were different colors that accented all the colors in her shirt. Hair accessories aren’t hard to find and are an easy and affordable way for girls to breathe new life back into their “old” outfits.

Patches – Every woman has her “thing” when it comes to clothing. It may be shoes, shirts, handbags or (in my case) jeans. I have a weakness for the designer jeans that feature the sparkly pockets. Sadly, my budget doesn’t allow for me to buy a new pair every month (which I could easily do). Many young girls love the same types of jeans I do, but their parents aren’t able to afford numerous pairs. Well, an easy way to fix up an “old” pair of jeans is to buy some of those decorative patches and sew or iron them on. They will instantly make an old pair of jeans look new while giving it a personality to match your daughter’s!

Above are only a few ways to make an old outfit look new again. What are some of your suggestions?

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