Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is almost here and that means the kids are going to be walking the streets as they go trick-or-treating around their neighborhoods. While I enjoy taking my kids out so they can join in on the festivities and collect a little candy, but the holiday does worry me a little because, as a parent, I know that things can happen and there is always danger lurking. However, every day that we get out of bed, we take risks, therefore, I’m not suggesting that you don’t take your kids out for Halloween…just be careful. Below are some Halloween safety tips that should help ensure you and your kids have a fun time!

K. Clark

  • Stay with young children. The thing that worries me the most, as a parent, on Halloween, is how easy it is for child predators to abduct children as they trick-or-treat without the accompaniment of an adult or guardian. Even young children that walk together in groups can sometimes get separated from their siblings and friends and get lost or abducted. Therefore, it’s always best for parents to walk with their young children to each and every door that they visit.
  • Only trick-or-treat in familiar neighborhoods.While it’s tempting to drive your kids all over the city, to and from various neighborhoods, to ensure they get lots of candy, it’s not really a safe option. More than likely, you have family friends that live in a few different neighborhoods, making you more knowledgeable about these neighborhoods and the types of people that live in them. Just that knowledge alone provides for a safer trick-or-treating experience for both the kids and their parents. One other thing to remember is that most trick-or-treating happens after dark, therefore, it’s easy for kids to get turned around as they trick-or-treat even in familiar neighborhoods, but this is especially true when they are in unfamiliar neighborhoods.
  • Examine the candy collected. When you and the kids return home after trick-or-treating, take the time to sit down and examine the candy your children have collected. I like to sort through the candy, placing the good items in the “keep” basket and the questionable candy in the trash. I still have young children at home, therefore, I don’t allow them to keep items like gobstoppers, peppermint, jaw breakers and other hard candies. The thought of them getting choked scares me. While I eliminate the hard candy, that’s not all I’m looking for. I also eliminate candy that looks like it may have been opened or tampered with. I don’t take any chances when it comes to my children’s health and safety. Therefore, examining the Halloween candy they collect is one thing I always take the time to do.

Halloween should be a fun holiday that your children look forward to every year and, while you worry, there isn’t any reason to pass that worry on to them. Simply take a few extra precautions on this night and everyone should have a fun (and safe) night!

Are there any additional Halloween safety tips that you want to add to those listed above? Please share!

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