Organizational Tools Every Family Needs

When my husband and I first got married ten years ago life was much simpler. We didn’t have to worry about keeping things organized because it was just us. There just wasn’t as much on our plate and our life together was really, pretty simple. Fast forward about five years after our first son started walking…things got pretty hectic and unorganized in a hurry.

I’m going to be honest with you guys, I am not a naturally organized person. It’s not that I lose things or forget to pay the bills or anything like that. No, my struggles are things like keeping the house nice and orderly, getting dinner on the table on time, washing/folding/putting away the laundry, etc. And, now that I’ve got two kiddos (ages 6 and 1 ½), it’s very important that I get this organization thing mastered before life gets any crazier.

Since I know that I am not the only mother out there who feels like she’s struggling to stay on top of things, I’m going to share with you some of the organizational tools that have helped me, and my family, keep it together.

  • Mail Bin: Every day when the mail arrives, I immediately tear up the junk mail and take the important stuff to our mail bin (it’s actually a little plastic desk organizer). The bills get separated and put with the “books” (our account ledger) so that they get paid on time and the stays in the bin. Once my husband gets home, he goes through the mail in the bin and sorts through it. This mail bin has really helped us out a lot. We used to have a terrible time keeping our mail organized. Some days it would get tossed on the desk in the office, other days it would be left on the bar in the kitchen and sometimes it even got carried into our bedroom. The mail bin has simplified this problem and works quite wonderfully for us!
  • Filing Cabinet: If you do not have a filing cabinet, it’s time you break down and buy one. You can find affordable ones in any office supply store (think Staples). My parents actually gave us a small metal one when they upgraded theirs to a wooden filing cabinet. This cabinet has had a HUGE impact on our stress level. We have a file for practically everything (credit cards, car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, the dog’s registration papers/vet papers, medical statements, utility bills, and the list goes on. For those important documents like your marriage license, social security cards, hospital birth certificates, etc…get a fireproof safe – they make those for files too.
  • Large Dry-Erase Calendar: In my office I have a large dry-erase calendar that I wipe clean at the end of every month and begin filling in for the new month. I fill in all the “to-dos” for that month with their corresponding dates. Dental appointments, t-ball games, lunch dates with friends, etc. I have started color coding my appointments, giving each member of the family a different color so I can look at the calendar and instantly know who has something going on for that particular day. My board also has a “notes” section, so it makes it easy for my husband or whoever to leave a note for me to see.

So, those are my top three organization tools that have had major impacts on my family’s organization lately. What are some of your  favorite organizational tips and/or tricks for unorganized families?

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