Gearing Up for Summer: Fun Activities for the Kids

As we’ve rounded the corner of winter and are headed straight for spring, it’s time for us to start thinking about summer activities for the kids again. Summertime is a fun time for kids as they enjoy being out of school during the days and getting to spend their time doing whatever they feel like doing (and that mom and dad approve of). However, for parents, summer break can be a little bit stressful and many parents work and aren’t able to be home with their kids during those long summer days.

And, then there are also the parents who are fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with their kids. They too feel the strain of summer break as the days seem to drag on and on as summer rolls on by. The days can go by extremely slow when the kids aren’t involved in any summer activities. Therefore, pre-planning a few summer activities for your kids can be very beneficial for both you and your children! Below are a few fun summer activities that your kids may enjoy.

  • Horseback Riding Lessons: Learning how to ride a horse is not something everyone gets to do, making it a privilege for those who have the opportunity. If there is a nearby horse facility that offers horseback riding lessons during the summer, then this may be the perfect summer activity for your child. And, who knows, maybe it will be something they will want to pursue further! Regardless of whether it’s just a one-summer thing or turns into a passion for your child, horseback riding is an experience they won’t forget.
  • Swim Camp: We have all heard about traditional summer camps, but what about a summer camp that’s for kids who love to swim? If you have a child who knows how to swim and enjoys the sport of swimming, then consider enrolling him/her in a summer swim camp. This will be a great way for them to get some much needed exercise while perfecting a skill that they love. It’s also perfect for those who are considering competitive swimming!
  • Summer Art Camp: If you have a child who enjoys art, regardless of whether its oil painting, filmmaking, dance, acting, etc., then a summer art camp should definitely be considered. Even if your child doesn’t have a particular area of interest, but enjoys art and the freedom to explore his/her imagination, then art camp is most likely something that he/she will enjoy.

There are so many summer activities for kids to participate in that it’s unreal. The three listed above don’t even begin to scratch the surface. These types of activities are beneficial for kids to do over the summer because it keeps them busy and out of trouble, keeps them thinking and their creative juices flowing, helps them make new friends and can also aid in exercise (depending on what type of activity they participate in).

Did you have any favorite summer activities that you enjoyed as a child?

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