Infant Dress Buying Guide

Buying dresses for infants may seem like an easy thing to do at first. After all, there is definitely an abundance of selection out there. However, there are some special considerations to think about when shopping for instance. Below are a few tips to help ensure you don’t overlook anything.

Baby Girls Taffeta Dress

  • Find Soft, Comfortable Material: While babies themselves are a lot more “sturdy” than we give them credit for, their skin isn’t. Therefore, when looking for infant dresses, make sure you look for dresses made of soft material such as silk, dupioni, velvet, piece-dyed taffeta and other soft materials. If you find an adorable dress with lace trimmings on it or other similar material, make sure it is in a place that won’t scratch against the skin.
  • Ordering Online May Be Beneficial: There may be many advantages of ordering infant dresses from online retailers. For instance, you may be able to take advantage of free shipping, online promotional coupons and other great deals you won’t find in stores. However, if you order infant dresses online, you should order early to allow plenty of time for the dress to arrive. You should also consider how much your little one may grow before it comes time to actually wear the dress, which means you may need to order a larger size.
  • Choose Accessories with Care: When searching for matching hats, bonnets and jackets to go with your little one’s new dress, continue searching for soft materials. If looking at bows, try to find ones that will attach comfortably. And for shoes, choose ones that have soft soles, especially if you’re little one isn’t walking yet.

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