Making it Feel Like Fall

Not too long ago we passed the first official day of fall. Isn’t it crazy how fast this year is flying by? It seriously seems like yesterday that I was decorating our Christmas tree!

Well, as many of you already know, I love this time of year. I don’t do a whole lot of holiday decorating throughout the year, but I do decorate for fall and Christmas. I just feel like adding some themed decorations makes it feel more like fall. It’s important where I’m from because I’m originally from the Midwest (Oklahoma) and our “fall” weather consists of temperatures that are still in the 80s and 90s. We don’t begin to cool off until late October to mid-November…and there are even years when we aren’t experiencing fall like temperatures until mid- December.

Therefore, decorating for the fall and winter seasons has always been important to me…it gets me “in the spirit,” I guess! Additionally, now that I have children, it has become more important to me because I can still remember the excitement I felt when my mom would start decorating for fall and winter…it meant Christmas was coming! So, this is something I want to carry on for my children. I want them to experience the excitement that I did at this time of year.

In case you are looking for ideas, below I have a list of things you can do to make it feel like fall around your house, too.

  • Make/Buy a Wreath – Some of you are probably pretty crafty and can turn the most boring materials into adorable pieces of art! I am not that way, but if you are, then why not go to the closest craft store and buy the items needed to make a fall wreath for your front door? If you aren’t crafty (like me) or are short on time, then purchase a finished wreath and simply hang it on the door when you get home.
  • Go Pumpkin Shopping – Nothing says “fall” like pumpkins do. They are my favorite thing to decorate with, especially outside my house. I always buy about 8-10 pumpkins of varying sizes at this time of year and strategically set up on my front porch to create a beautiful fall display. Sometimes I get real ambitious and bribe my husband into helping me make a straw man for the porch, as well.
  • Burn Fall Scents – It’s amazing how certain smells actually affect us! I can be in a grumpy mood and walk into a bakery smelling of cinnamon rolls and instantly feel my mood lighten. The same is true when I come home and it smells like “fall.” Personally, I use Scentsy warmers and burn the fall scented bars from late September through November…then I switch to the winter scents to prepare for Christmas.
  • Watch Football – Finally, there’s nothing that announces the approach of fall like football! Whether you are going to a game or watching it on television, just being around a football game will make it feel more like fall!

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