Newsletter #48: Fall: What’s in Store?

This is the time of year when we (parents) are focused on sending their kids back to school and getting them enrolled in the extracurricular activities they enjoy during the fall. And, as we watch our kids start their school year, we also begin to wonder just where in the world the time has gone.

I can remember every year on the first day of school my mom making my brother and I pose for those “1st Day of School” pictures. At the time, I didn’t get the importance of it and as I got older I began to get more and more impatient with the pictures…it just wasn’t cool to have to take a “1st Day of School” picture when you were a Junior/Senior in high school!

However, now that I’m a mom, I totally get it. It’s not that we can’t get pictures of our kids any other time, but instead it’s a way for us (parents) to lock in the memory of our kids’ first day of school every year. It allows us to go back to the year before, on the first day of school, and see just how much our kids have grown over the course of a year.

At this time last year, I was sending my little “big” man off to his first day of Kindergarten and here we are sending him off to 1st grade. It just amazes me how much faster time goes by when we begin to use our kids as the “time” measuring stick.

In addition to our yearly back to school pictures serving as a reminder for how fast our children grow, we also have the clothing that they outgrow at superhuman rates! Sadly, we can’t ignore our children outgrowing their clothes at this time of year because in just a month or two the weather is going to be changing and they are going to need clothes to keep them warm.

While we can’t help with the “everyday” fall/winter clothing, we can help with the formal clothing they will need for the fall and winter. This is the time when we begin to stock up on the styles and colors that are going to be popular for the upcoming fall/winter formal events. Below are just a few of the items that we currently have in stock, if you are interested in ordering early and saving yourself the hassle later!

This beautiful dress features a lovely V-neck and a skirt that rests just above the knees, making it perfect for semi-formal fall/winter parties. The polka dot jacquard dress is available in either gold or silver and features a black satin bow at the waist for additional detail. It really is a stunning dress that will make a beautiful statement at any fall/winter formal.

Here’s another dress just waiting to be worn to your little one’s holiday party! The dress is available in burgundy and navy blue, both of which are gorgeous colors for fall and winter events. The bodice is soft velvet and features long sleeves to ensure your little one stays warm.

The drop skirt is the same color as the bodice but it is made out of shiny satin and accented with a matching bow just above one hip. The picture really doesn’t do this darling dress justice!

The most common colors for suits, during the fall and winter months, are black and dark charcoal. However, if you are looking for a suit that doesn’t fit within the “most common” type mold, then this olive suit is a great alternative! The olive color is gorgeous and very fitting for fall and winter formal events. Not only is it a great color, but it’s one that you aren’t likely to see being worn by others. This truly is a stunning suit and one that is perfect for fall and winter formal events!

If you haven’t seen anything above that interests you for the upcoming formal events, then please visit our website as we have hundreds of other options available for you…it would be hard for you not to find something you like! And, the best part is that we’re affordable!

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