Tips for Preparing your Hair for the Big Day

While you have a lot on your plate when it comes to getting everything in line for your wedding day, one of the details that many brides-to-be overlook is their hair. There is no question in my mind that you know pulling off a wedding takes a lot of preparation and while you most certainly want to be wearing the perfect dress and have all of the other little details ironed out, do you realize that if you don’t take the time to prepare your hair for the big day it may be lacking when compared to your gorgeous new wedding dress? Below are some tips to ensure that your hair is just as perfect as the rest of your wedding:

  • Start getting regular trims. I’m not sure how strict you are when it comes to getting your hair cut on a regular basis, but I personally don’t go very often as I enjoy having long hair. I also wear my hair in a lot of ponytails as I go to the gym most days for an hour or two workout session. However, I’m not planning a wedding either.
    If you are in the midst of your wedding plans and have several months before the big day, it’s time to start scheduling regular appointments with your favorite hairdresser. Even if you don’t have any plans on cutting your hair before the big day, at least go in every 4-6 weeks and have it trimmed. This will keep the ends from splitting and keep your hair nice and healthy.
  • Do not wait until the week of the wedding to color your hair. Many brides-to-be want their hair to look its absolute best on their big day, which often means getting it colored. If you want to get your hair colored for your wedding, by all means do it. However, if you are thinking of trying out a new color to “wow” your guests with, don’t wait until the week of your wedding to do it. Try out the new color a good two months before the big day so you know exactly how it’s going to look then have it redone the week of the wedding. Now, if you already know the color you want to go with and have done it before, there’s no need to have it done before the big day because you already know how it will set in your hair.
  • Refrain from ponytails. I previously stated that I put my hair up in ponytails most days of the week, so obviously I’m a huge fan of the ponytail. I just don’t like my hair in my face when I’m working out or going to be doing something that requires me to get hot and sweaty (yard work, cleaning the house, etc.). With that being said, if your wedding day is coming up, refrain from using ponytails often. You can use them every once in a while, but don’t use them too much as they have been known to cause split ends and damage the hair.
  • Buy a hair mask. Several days before your wedding, purchase a hair mask and apply it one evening when you’re at home. Hair masks are great for locking in moisture and giving dry, bland hair its liveliness back! You’ll love the extra radiance it gives your hair for your wedding day.
  • Don’t wash your hair the night before the wedding. This sounds gross, I know, but the truth is that hair is always easier to work with when it hasn’t been washed recently. This is especially true for those who plan to have an up-do on the big day or have any type of curl added. The natural oils that build up in your hair between washings are what help hairdressers the most when working with the bride-to-be on her wedding day.
  • Don’t forget the practice run. You may have the perfect hairstyle picked out for your wedding day, but this doesn’t mean that you should forego the practice run with the hairdresser. Sometimes the hairstyle a girl has envisioned for her wedding day doesn’t look nearly as good as she had pictured in her head. Trust me, you do not want to make this discovery on your wedding day when you are already pressed for time. A couple days before the wedding, make an appointment with your hairdresser and have her create the look you’ve envisioned. If it isn’t all that you’d hoped it would be, let her play with your hair until find the perfect look!

I know there is a lot to planning a wedding and there will most likely be one or two details that get overlooked or forgotten completely when the actual wedding day arrives. However, your hair shouldn’t be one of them! Make the time necessary to prepare it for your big day so you can look back at your wedding pictures years from now without any regrets.

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