Christmas 2018 Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Christmas is only a few weeks away (at least I think we still have that much time) and if you have kids then I’m sure you’ve already been asked by relatives what your kids want for Christmas. For me, this question isn’t that difficult if I’m talking about my 7 year old as he started giving me ideas a month or two ago. However, my littlest guy is only 2 and he hasn’t let me in on what his wish list consists of this year.

If you have a toddler at home then I’m sure you can relate. It’s hard to come up with gift ideas for toddlers at the holidays. Furthermore, it never fails, kids this age seem to be more excited about the wrapping paper and the boxes then they are about the actual gifts!

Okay, since we have to get our kids something for Christmas and we have to give gift ideas to the friends and family members that buy our children gifts, I have a few suggestions below for Christmas gifts for toddlers that may help give you some ideas.

  • The “Wow” Cup – If you are looking for an inexpensive gift that a toddler will actually use, as well as, enjoy then check out the Wow Cup. My husband and I were told about this cup a couple of weeks ago when we were complaining that we have yet to find a sippy cup for our toddler that doesn’t leak. (Our son thinks it’s great fun to do whatever he can to get liquid to drip out from his sippy cups.) Anyways, after we were told about the cup, I immediately went to Amazon and ordered two
  • We have since purchased another one to take to my mom’s house because this cup actually lives up to all they hype. The only time that it will leak is if it is thrown from the high chair and it bounces pretty hard and even then it’s only a couple of drops that come out. Oh, and an added benefit is that our son LOVES it. He loves that he gets to drink out of a cup like a big boy without a straw or spout to drink from. The cup is $9-$11 depending on where you get it, so it’s affordable and practical. I am ordering a few to give out as Christmas gifts to my friends with toddlers at home
  • Flashlight Friends – These little guys are basically cute and huggable stuffed animals but what sets them apart is that they have a flashlight built in. While it may not be advisable for toddlers to sleep with these little guys, they will certainly enjoy turning on and off the flashlight when they aren’t in bed. At least, my toddler will as he loves to go and steal our flashlights for this very reason! There are a lot of different Flashlight Friends to choose from, making this a perfect gift for both toddler boys and girls
  • Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube – Toddlers are fascinating because these are the years when they have an educational growth explosion. Every day they are learning something new. Some of the things many parents try to teach their toddlers include letters, numbers, colors and shapes. What I love about the Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube is that not only can parents work with toddlers on their shapes, but also their colors. Additionally, this cube helps toddlers build their fine motor skills as they try to fit the shapes into their respective places.

So, the ideas above are just a few that I have for Christmas 2018 gift ideas for toddlers. What are your thoughts? Do you have any additional ideas that you would like to add? Please do!

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