The Making of a Great Flower Girl Dress for a Spring Wedding

If you or someone you know is in the midst of planning a spring wedding, then the task of finding the perfect flower girl dress is going to have to be “tackled” at some point. While it isn’t one of the most important details of the big day, it is definitely one that some time and thought needs to be put into before it’s made. Below are a few helpful tips for choosing the right flower girl dress for a spring wedding:

  • Sleeveless: Depending on where the wedding is going to be held, the weather will vary for spring as some places experience warm temperatures and others are still a little chilly out. However, spring is an exciting time because it brings with it the promise of a “new earth.” The trees, bushes and flowers are all beginning to bud (and some are even blooming) and the grass is starting to turn green again. Therefore, the flower girl dress should match this time of year and its promise of warmer weather to come. Selecting a sleeveless dress is the ideal way to do that. If the weather is still a little chilly and the wedding is being held outdoors, then selecting a light bolero jacket is the perfect solution!
  • Sheer Accents: Another thing to take into consideration when choosing a flower girl dress for a spring wedding is material the dress is made from. It’s not a good idea to choose one with a thick and heavy material as those are better suited for fall and winter weddings. The light and airy look that sheer layered dresses provide are perfect for spring weddings because they create a look that compliments the spring weather better.



  • Color: Obviously, color is a big deal when choosing a flower girl dress for spring weddings. Usually, the colors chosen for spring weddings are lighter and fun. Colors like yellow, green, pink, etc. However, some brides choose to pair darker colors in with these lighter colors to create a unique “pop” to their wedding. I’ve seen purple and yellow, red and yellow, purple, orange and yellow and other similar color schemes for spring weddings. While those colors go beautifully together, the flower girl dress should not be wearing a dark colored dress for a spring wedding. In other words, try to choose one of the lighter colors of the wedding color palate for the flower girl dress and if you can’t decide on one, ivory always makes a great (and safe) choice.

Spring weddings are always so much fun to plan as there are so many options available for them. However, it is easy to overlook the flower girl dress when caught in the midst of all the other decisions to be made for spring weddings! Hopefully, this article has brought a few things to mind that should be considered before making a snap decision on the perfect flower girl dress! Are there any additional tips you can think of?

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