Tips for Family Pictures

You may be thinking about having new family pictures taken because it’s been a few years (or decades) since your last family pictures were done. That’s great! However, family pictures do take a bit of planning in order for them to be successful. Below are some tips to help you get started.

  • The Photographer – Your family pictures are only going to be as good as the photographer taking them. Therefore, make sure you’ve selected a photographer who, you feel, takes great pictures and that you’re comfortable with.
  • The Date – Once you know which photographer you want to use, you will need to choose a date. This may not be that difficult if your children are still living with you. However, if your children are grown and out of the house, you will need to pick a few dates (probably a month or two in advance) and work with everyone to narrow them down to just one. This will allow everyone to get their “say” in and to make plans in their schedules for family pictures.
  • The Location – Another thing that has to be considered is where you want your family pictures to be taken. The days of going to a studio for family pictures are long gone as most photographers enjoy doing “on scene” pictures, and often include it in their prices. Therefore, choose a location that everyone in your family enjoys. It may be the beach, a scenic lookout point or even the backyard, whatever it is, make sure everyone likes the location as this will make the pictures even more successful.
  • The Dress – Finally, you will need to decide what to wear for your family pictures. Obviously, you will need to take your location into account for this decision. You may have a fun idea for family pictures with everyone in formal wear or you may want to go casual. Once again, get everyone’s opinion on this!

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