Hair Options for Young Girls

Picking out a formal dress for your little one to wear to a special occasion is only part of the planning. Yes, the dress is the most important part, but once you’ve got the dress, you have to decide the accessories like tights or no tights, shoes, dress socks, bolero jacket, etc. Finally, you will have to determine what you will do with your little girl’s hair when she is wearing her new dress. Below are a few ideas to help your creative thoughts take flight.

  • Braids – Braids look great on little girls in formal dresses. Sometimes a full French-braid looks the best with the dress and at other times a small braid hanging with the rest of the free-flowing hair is all that is needed. Braids are just great, simple ways to dress up a little one’s head of hair to complement a dress.
  • Curls – If your little one has natural curly hair, then let them show! Too many parents try to straighten natural curly hair because they think it looks too unruly. However, when your daughter has on a special occasion dress, natural curls are sure to bring out the best in it. Now, if your daughter’s hair is thick and curly, then by all means, suppress some of it with a cute clip or headband. Just don’t be afraid to let those curls show!
  • Straight – For those of you with girls who don’t have naturally curly hair, using a flat iron to make the hair a little straighter is a great idea. Straight hair creates a very simple look, but it can easily be accented with sparkling clips, tiaras, floral bands and even ribbons.
  • Up – Depending on the occasion, wearing hair up is an excellent option. Now, most of the time, you will need to take your little one to a hair stylist to get the exact look you’re going for, but up-dos are great options for young girls in formal wear, especially if the girl has a lot of hair. You can even have it styled where half of it is up and the other half is down for a more detailed look too. And, some stylists are awesome and can even throw a braid in there as well!

Above are just some of the options you have available when it comes to your little one’s hair. The great thing about hair is that so much can be done with it, the sky is really the limit here. So, don’t limit yourself to what you can do with your daughter’s hair!

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