Dressing Kids Up in the Wintertime

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a little one dressed up in a tuxedo or an adorable formal dress. However, in the wintertime children catch colds much easier than they do during the warmer months, so it’s important that you dress them with care. Below are a couple of tips to help you dress your kids formally during the cold months of winter.
kids winter coat

  • If possible, Change on Location. Of course, it’s not always going to be possible to do this, but if you have a young child (1-4 years) and are going to a wedding or some other formal event that takes you a while to get there, then consider dressing your child warmly for the trip and then changing them into their formal attire in the restroom at the event. Not only will this help keep their formal clothes looking nice, but it will also minimize the chances of your kids catching a cold.
  • Invest in a Bolero Jacket. More than likely, you’ve got a heavy coat for your little one to wear during the wintertime. The problem is that the majority of formal dresses don’t have sleeves on them, even those meant to be worn to winter events. Therefore a heavy coat isn’t going to be practical for your little one to wear during the event, but bolero jackets are! These jackets can be worn at all times with a formal dress, which ensures that your child will stay warm and look good during the entire event.

The two tips above are just a couple of easy ways you can reduce the chances of your little ones catching colds this winter when dressing in formalwear. Just be aware of the weather conditions and do as much as you can to protect your children from the elements.

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