Group Birthday Parties for Kids

Today, my son came home from school with an invitation to a classmate’s birthday party – he’ four. This is actually the second birthday party invitation he has received this year from school and I have to admit, I think having group birthday parties for young children is a great idea. I personally, haven’t started inviting classmates yet since this is my son’s first year in school, but I imagine next year we will since he’ll be turning five.

Anyways, this got me thinking about the different types of group birthday parties that can be done nowadays for kids. If you’ve got a young child like I do, then you may find the article helpful and inspiring for planning your next birthday party.

  • Princess Party – If you have a little girl who has several little girls whom she has a lot of fun with, then it may be fun to plan a princess party for her. Did you know that there are actually places like Oliva’s Dollhouse Playroom that actually take care of the whole thing for you? From dressing up in little girls’ dresses to getting hair and makeup done to eating special desserts/cake and drinking tea, it’s all done for you. It’s a pretty cool idea for a young girl’s group birthday party if you ask me.
  • Builder’s Party – Now, this one is for the little boys. If you have a little man who loves following daddy or grandpa around learning how to build things and do all that “manly” stuff, then why not throw him a group “builder’s party?” Invite other boys his age who he’s friends with and have an area set up where each little guy has his own little tools and a project kit ready to go. (For example, those build-your-own-toolbox kits sold at Home Depot are a good option) The key is to make sure the parents of the guests know that one of them needs to be present to help their little guy construct his project. It’s a great theme for a little boy’s group party that will create lasting memories for the guests and their parents…plus, every guy gets to go home with a souvenir!
  • Skating Party – This one may seem a little old fashioned, but it’s actually perfect for group birthday parties where boys and girls will both be! I can remember when I was little – it was a big deal to have a skating birthday party. The sad thing is that most kids today have never been to a roller skating (or ice skating) birthday party. Not only do the kids have a lot of fun at these parties, but they also get a lot of exercise too!

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