2018 Ideas for Mom

Can you believe we’re already in February? In less than 10 days we are going to be celebrating the national day of love aka Valentine’s Day! Have you thought about what you are going to get your honey yet? If you are married and have children then there it’s especially important that you don’t forget to get her a gift. After all, she’s not only your best friend and partner in life but she’s the mother of your children…and that’s a tough job! Below are a few ideas for great Valentine’s Day gifts for moms in 2018.

  • Family Pictures – Has it been a while since your family has had family pictures done? If it has, this is a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for mom. Not only is it a great Valentine’s Day gift, but it’s a practical one because getting updated family pictures is something that you definitely need. If you’re able to be sneaky, look over her schedule and call and get a photographer scheduled for a day she doesn’t have anything scheduled on. Also, take care of getting the kids’ dress clothes (dresses and/or suits) purchased so she doesn’t have to worry about this. Take care of as much as you can in regards to the pictures before you tell her. She will be thrilled that you put so much thought into this special gift.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Most women expect their honey to send them a bouquet of flowers for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day. So, why not surprise her with a mouth-watering box of chocolate covered strawberries instead? I’m sure there is a local business that will make and deliver these delectable treats, but if not, one of the best places to order from is Shari’s Berries online. I ordered them one year for my mom and mother-in-law and they were amazing! Just be sure to order them a few days before Valentine’s Day so they arrive on time.
  • A Tree – I know, this one is a little odd isn’t it? However, trees actually make pretty cool gifts because they’re practical, the fall and winter are the best times to plant them and they will be around forever – so every time your loved one looks outside and sees that tree she will be reminded of you. This especially makes a great gift if you have recently moved or built a new house and don’t have any trees on the property.

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