Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Are you looking to do something new this year with your little ones? Maybe you want to start a fun family tradition that doesn’t occur during the normal months of October, November and/or December? Then, why not host a Valentine’s Day party for your young ones and their close friends?

I’m not sure why, but it seems like most holidays fall by the waste side after Christmas…at least for most adults. I’ll be honest, I never thought about a Valentine’s Day party until my son entered pre-K this year and we had to sign up to help with one of the class parties and Valentine’s Day happened to be one of them! So, guess who is helping with the pre-K Valentine’s Day party this year?

I’m not a big “party” person, but after doing some research looking for Valentine’s Day party ideas, I am getting a little excited about helping with this party. I’ve also gotten a lot of ideas for a Valentine’s Day party at my house where my little guy can invite a few of his friends over. Below are a few of the ideas I’ve come across in case you are looking to do something fun at home for your little one (and a few of his/her friends) this Valentine’s Day.

  • Make Valentine’s for Mom & Dad. A lot of young kids don’t get the opportunity to go shopping for a Valentine’s day gift for mom and dad. Therefore, why not set up a table at your house during the party where the little ones can make their own special gifts for mom and dad? It doesn’t have to be anything expensive…maybe just pieces of construction paper folded in half to make a card with an array of Valentine’s Day themed stickers and washable markers for the little ones to decorate the cards with. Or, stores like Hobby Lobby offer affordable Valentine’s Day crafts in bulk for kids’ ages 4 and up that make cute little gifts for parents.
  • Cookie Baking and Decorating. You will want to prepare sugar cookie dough before the party goers arrive. Then, when the time is right, break out the dough and roll it out. Give the kids heart shaped cookie cutters and let them cut their cookies out and place them on a greased cookie sheet. Then bake. Once the cookies come out and are cool to the touch, let the kids decorate them with icing and sprinkles.
  • Pinata Game. End the day with a Valentine’s Day piñata. Let the kids take turns being blindfolded and trying to hit the piñata. Each child gets a minute to hit the piñata. The turns keep going until the piñata breaks and all the candy falls out. The kids can grab goodie bags and fill with the candy to take home with them!

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