Tips for Losing Baby Weight

While there is no doubt that having children is one of the most fulfilling things in life, the baby weight moms gain during pregnancy is definitely not part of the blessing. Yes, it’s necessary for us to gain weight during pregnancy, but it really stinks that the weight doesn’t just magically disappear once the little ones make their debut. If you are lucky enough to return to your pre-pregnancy weight within a week or two after delivery, more than likely your stomach isn’t as hard as it used to be. This is especially true if you have had a c-section…I’ve had two, so believe me, I know!

The good news is that in time, your body will go back to normal and you will be able to get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. However, most of us do have to work to lose the last 10-20 pounds of baby weight. The trouble is finding time to focus on losing weight after the baby arrives, because we aren’t getting the amount of sleep we used to and we’re TIRED all the time! Well, below are a few suggestions for how new moms can get rid of the baby weight.

  • Get the Stroller Out. How many of you have a stroller, but haven’t used it yet? Don’t lie…I know I’m not the only one who was slow to get the stroller out. Finding time to exercise with a new baby at home can be incredibly challenging, but finding the time to go on a walk after your little one has been fed probably isn’t that hard. I actually have a friend who has a baby close to the same age as mine and we have made it a point to meet 2-3 times a week at a nearby park and walk with our little ones. Not only is this great (and easy) exercise, it’s a lot of fun to get together with someone who I can have a two-way conversation with too!
  • Watch the Calories. Many of us were a little lax when we were pregnant (especially if this was your second, third or fourth pregnancy) in regards to what we ate. Now that the baby is here, it’s time to cut back on your daily calorie intake. If you are breastfeeding, make sure you get at least 1800 calories a day to keep the milk supply good and your energy up. If you aren’t breastfeeding, you need at least 1500 calories a day. The trick is to make smart food choices. Instead of eating a candy bar, eat a banana or some yogurt. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water.
  • Sleep. Finally, make sure you take time to sleep! Getting adequate sleep is essential for losing weight, so make sure you’re getting enough to stay energized and focused during the day. You may need to nap when the baby is napping and that’s okay!

If you follow the tips above, you should start noticing results shortly. Now, keep in mind that if you want to get your pre-pregnancy body back, you’re going to have to start exercising on a regular basis in order to tone up. Not only will the tips above help you fit into that little black dress again, but it will also improve your mood too!

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