Wedding colors: The Soothing Shade of Sage

Think of the color sage as a laid back shade of green. The color green is a bright color that symbolizes life and energy. Sage is just a mellower version of that. While it does still represent life and energy because it is a shade of green, the color sage is a very peaceful and relaxing color. It is a popular choice for bedrooms, sitting rooms and bathrooms for this reason. Day Spas also incorporate sage into their décor. The color just has a way of promoting tranquility and it is hard not to feel rejuvenated after spending a few quite moments surrounded by the soothing color sage.

While sage is great for relaxing, it is also a great choice for summer weddings, outdoor dinner parties and other summer events. The color is very soothing and, when used appropriately, can also be used to transmit feelings of love and commitment. Brides who choose to use sage as one of their wedding colors often feel more relaxed throughout the course of their big day. Likewise, hosts of outdoor dinner parties or other summer events can use the color sage as a way to neutralize the environment, creating a peaceful atmosphere where every guest feels relaxed and at home. If you are planning an event and are in need of a color with soothing qualities, then sage is a perfect choice!

One thought on “Wedding colors: The Soothing Shade of Sage

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree, sage is a soothing color. If you can find the right sage. I'm currently using this color along with plum for a fall wedding, but I cannot tell you how hard it is to find the right color "sage". Any suggestions where I can find an adult dress this color? Or even where you got the image for this one?

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