Wedding Color: The Elegance of Black

Black is a very symbolic color that can be used to portray a wide variety of emotions and personal styles. One of the most common ways the color black is used to depict a particular emotion is when a funeral takes place. Black is the universal color of death and grief, and therefore, is appropriately worn for these occasions. It is also associated with evil, Halloween and everything scary. The above instances have given the color black a bad reputation. However, black can mean a wide variety of other things as well.

What do you think of when you see a black Lexus or Mercedes cruising down the street? Money, power and prestige are also displayed through the color black. However, one of the best qualities that the color black has tied to it is formality and elegance. Just look at a few black and white prints at an art gallery, or go and watch the symphony perform.

Weddings are another place where black can embrace its elegant heritage! When black is used as an accent color by way of tuxedos, flowers and even a flower girl dressed in black, it can create an atmosphere of elegance used to set the stage for the beautiful bride all dressed in white. So, next time you think about the color black, don’t just limit your thoughts to all the dark things associated with it. Instead, open your mind to explore a world of power, prestige and pure elegance!

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