Newsletter #26: Unique Wedding Ideas

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At the beginning of the month you received a newsletter from that presented you with a few “cool” wedding ideas. We thought we would continue our unique newsletter topic and give you some additional fun and unique wedding ideas in this issue as well. However, these idea are slightly different in the fact that they are unique tips and tricks for saving money at your upcoming wedding.

  • Skip the Traditional Buffet. So many followers of traditional weddings feel that they have to feed all of their guests a full-fledged meal. While this is definitely a nice gesture, it is not required by any means. Are we suggesting that you don’t feed your guests at all? Absolutely not, we’re simply suggesting you don’t go all out and spend $10 a plate (or more) on a three course meal. Instead, consider having a buffet consisting only of fruits and veggies and other simple finger foods. Or, you can be even more unique and go with one of the coolest new trends – have a candy buffet. That’s right, instead of a meal have a buffet that consists of only the most fun, colorful and tasty candies today!
  • Design Your Own Invitations. With the advances in technology, there are many ways to design and create your own wedding invitations and save a ton of money doing it. If you have a friend who is a graphic artist, consider getting his/her help. If not, there are many programs available that will assist you in designing your own invitation – all you will need is time and a little creativity!
  • Shop Online! Finally, use the internet for your benefit. Many brides are saving a lot of money by ordering various wedding items online. For instance, you can order your jewelry, tiara, shoes, flower girl dresses and much more online. Generally, the products found online are just as good, or better, quality than those found in local boutiques.
Above are just a few ways to save money on your wedding. However, there are many more ways to reduce wedding costs out there. You just have to be willing to think outside the box and get your family and friends involved!
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