Good Luck Traditions for Weddings

While we’re on the topic of weddings, we thought you might enjoy learning about some good luck traditions for weddings. After all, everyone could use some good luck every now and then!

  • Tradition #1 – The Ribbon Pull. This tradition goes back to the Victorian Era. The baker/creator of the wedding cake places two sterling silver hearts connected by a long string on each side of the cake (with the hearts showing) and bakes it in the cake. Before the cake is cut by the couple, the bridesmaids pull it through for good luck.

  • Tradition #2 – Wearing Horseshoes This is an old Welsh tradition in which it’s believed that if a bride wears a horseshoe with the ends up, her luck will never leave. It was made famous by Princess Diana as she wore an 18-carat gold horseshoe on her wedding day on the inside of her dress.

  • Tradition #3 – The Best Day to Marry. The English are a superstitious lot when it comes to getting married. They believe that the best day to get married is on Wednesday. However, if you are looking for a wealthy marriage, you should marry on Monday but if good health is what you’re after, marry on Tuesday. Whatever you do, do not get married on Saturday as this is supposedly the most unlucky day for weddings!

  • Tradition #4 – A Coin in Each Shoe. A popular good luck tradition in Sweden is for the bride to wear a coin in each shoe. A gold coin from her mother and a silver coin from her father. This is believed to ensure the girl never goes without.

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