Fun Wedding Dress Myths

At, we like to have fun especially when brides are trying to plan their big day and get everyone (including the little ones) on the same page regarding their wedding attire. Therefore, we thought we would take a break from the more serious informative blog posts and share a few fun wedding dress myths. However, don’t take these seriously as there isn’t any proof that these are true! 

  • Myth #1 – A Bride Shouldn’t Make Her Own Dress.  This myth states that for every stitch that a bride sews on her own wedding gown represents one tear that will be shed by her during the marriage.
  • Myth #2 – Brides Shouldn’t Put All Their Bridal Wear On Before the Wedding. Basically, this wedding dress myth states that it is very bad luck for a bride to put her entire wedding day wardrobe (dress, veil, shoes, jewelry, slip, etc.) on, all at once, before the wedding day. The myth says that if this is done, the wedding will not take place.
  • Myth #3 – Colored Wedding Gowns. This is myth is in the form of a poem and it goes like this:“If Married in Blue they said your lover is true. Married in Pink, Your fortunes will sink. Married in Green, You will not long be seen. Married in Red, You’ll wish you were dead. Married in Yellow, you are Ashamed of the fellow. Married in Brown, You’ll live out of town. Married in Grey, You’ll live far away. Married in Black, You’ll wish you were back.”

The three wedding dress myths are meant for fun and should not be taken seriously. I’m sure you know someone who as broken one (or more) of these myths and have gone on to have long and happy marriages!

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