Caring for Toddler Suits

It’s crazy to think of how many people purchase nice suit for their toddler to wear for only one occasion before the child out grows it. The thing about toddler suits is that they can be worn just as often as men’s suits can be and they are just as durable as men’s suits too. Obviously, your little one won’t be little forever, but there isn’t any reason why toddler suits can’t be worn several times before it’s grown out of.

However, just like with men’s suits, toddler suits have to be properly taken care of in order for them to last a long time. If you have more than one son or have a relative with a young boy who will grow into your child’s clothes, then properly caring for your toddler suits will be a tremendous help in the future. Below are some tips for how to care for toddler suits so that they last for many years.

  • Time is of the Essence – Since most toddler suits are worn by little boys, there is a chance that the suit will encounter grass stains, dirt and other harsh environmental “hazards” if worn for long periods of time. If you are going to an event that will last a while, such as a wedding or a church service followed by a family reunion, then bring a spare pair of clothes for your little one to change into when the time is right (reception or right before the reunion). This will preserve the condition of the suit, which is critical for furthering its life span.
  • Don’t be Strict with Buttons – Yes, toddler suits look adorable when they are buttoned up, but with as much as these youngsters move around, keeping the buttons buttoned all the time is definitely going to put extra strain on the suit…and possible cause a button to pop off. Therefore, try not to be so strict on keeping the suit jacket buttoned all the time. In fact, consider letting your little one take the jacket off to be more comfortable, if the time is appropriate.
  • Always Keep on a Hanger – Whenever toddler suits aren’t being worn, they should be on a hanger. If you are traveling, try to keep them in a breathable suit bag. When you are at home, its fine for suits to hang in the closet. Just keep suits in a place where they aren’t crammed up against other clothes, or they will acquire unsightly wrinkles.
  • Follow the Cleaning Instructions – Most toddler suits will have instructions for proper cleaning. Follow these instructions. If the tag says “dry clean only” – then take it to the dry cleaners when it needs to be cleaned. Depending on the amount of wear the suit is getting, you may not have to take it to the dry cleaners very often at all.

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