Family Picture Ideas on What to Wear

Family Picture Ideas on What to Wear

The majority of families have family pictures done every two or three years…some even do it every year, depending on how close the family is. Once the family picture date is selected, the most common dilemma families face is deciding what to wear for the pictures. Honestly, the location and the attire for the pictures are critical for family pictures, because they (and the people) make the picture.

As far as family picture clothing goes, your options are endless. You can have everyone dress up for the pictures, wear matching outfits, have color-coordinated pictures, go casual or a number of other things. The decision is entirely yours, but before you choose you should consider the following:

  • Your Family:  First, consider your family as a whole. What type of attire best represents the individuals that make up your family? Do your family members enjoy dressing up for special occasions or are they more laid back and casual? You want your family pictures to represent who your family is.
  • Comfort Level:  Another consideration is how comfortable the clothing is that you are considering. While some people are comfortable wearing a formal suit and tie, others may not be.
  • Cost:  The clothing worn for family pictures does not have to be expensive or brand new in order to look good. In fact, most people don’t think about how much the clothing cost when they are looking at family pictures of their friends. Therefore, take the cost of clothing into consideration.
  • Location and Theme:  Finally, consider the location and theme of your family pictures. For instance, if you want your family pictures to be taken with an old family barn in the background, would it look odd to have everyone in formal dresses and tuxedos? Or…would that be a unique theme for your family picture? It’s all in how you look at it!

Regardless of what you have your family wear for pictures, make sure everyone has fun. The best family pictures are taken when everyone is truly having fun!

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