Handmade Christmas Ideas

Handmade Christmas Ideas

Believe it or not, Christmas isn’t that far away. In fact, it’s only about six or so paychecks away for most of us. While ‘tis the season to be merry, the financial strain the holidays place on people can make a scrooge out of almost anyone. And, when you’ve got children, the financial burden of Christmas rises. Not only are you shopping for the kids for Christmas, but you’ve also got to find gifts for your kids to give to their grandparents and some of their friends. One way to alleviate some of the financial strain these extra gifts can cause is to help your kids make handmade gifts to give. Below are some suggestions.

Picture Frames – You know that wedding your little girl was the flower girl in this summer? Well, get a picture of her all dressed up in her flower girl dress and set it aside. Go to the nearest craft store and pick up a plain wooden picture frame (there are some made out of cardboard too), paints and small decorative items that can be glued on to the frame. Then, help your little one paint the frame and decorate it. Finally, place the picture in the frame and wrap it up. Grandparents love homemade gifts like these!

Handprint Plaques – Another great idea is to go and get a small wooden plaque from your local craft store along with some paints. You will need at least two different colors, one for the plaque and one for the handprint and writing. Don’t forget to get a spray on clear coat. All you have to do is help your child paint the plaque, let it dry and then dip their hand in the other paint and press firmly on the plaque. Write their name and date on the plaque, let it dry and then apply the clear coat.

Gift in a Jar – This is a fun, cheap and easy Christmas gift for children to make for their friends and/or loved ones. All you need to do is decide on what gift in a jar recipe you want to make, buy the ingredients and a mason jar and you’re ready to go. There are a lot of gift-in-a-jar recipes to choose from ranging from brownie mixes to bread mixes to cookie mixes to S’mores and many more! Children often love making and giving these gifts. They’re perfect for little ones to give to their friends because we all know how little children love sweets!

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