2012 Saint Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids




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For most people, Saint Patrick’s Day is a day of fun and laughter. Most adults generally celebrate by getting together with friends and having a beer or two together, while children often associate the holiday with wearing green. And, most years, St. Patty’s Day is celebrated at different times by adults and children…children acknowledge it at school while adults/parents acknowledge it after hours with friends.

However, this year the day falls on a Saturday, meaning it’s up to parents to find a way to celebrate the holiday with their kids this year. Below are a few activity ideas to help you and your children celebrate the holiday together.

Host a Dance– If you have some extra space, or know someone who does, then hosting a St. Patrick’s Day dance/party can be a lot of fun. For example, if you live on an acreage with an old barn, you’ve got the perfect space for a dance…or even if you have a large bonus room can be a great place for a gathering. To make it fun for all ages, allow your children to invite their friends and parents, as well as, your friends too. Have a best dressed contest and encourage guests to wear green formal dresses and suits. You can also make green punch and serve lots of green appetizers. Depending on the guests and your thoughts, you may even consider serving green beer and other festive cocktail drinks. A St. Patrick’s Day dance/party allows parents and kids to celebrate the holiday with each other, creating a lot of fun memories!

Visit a Local Celebration – Since Saint Patty’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, there will be many communities hosting public celebrations for families to attend. Most of these celebrations will have all the food, drink, fun and entertainment your family needs. Who knows, if there isn’t a nearby celebration, maybe you can make a weekend trip out of it and attend one several hours away!

Have a Scavenger Hunt – Little children love games, so why not create your own backyard St. Patty’s Day scavenger hunt? The kids can spend a couple hours figuring out clues to find their four-leaf clover. This can be a great activity when combined with a family BBQ. You can even take it a step farther and end it when the kids find the prize…a stack of movie tickets for a movie the entire family can go to after the BBQ…or, maybe even a few Leprechaun themed movies to end the night with!

Whatever you decide to do this year on Saint Patrick’s Day, find a way to celebrate it with your children. It may not be the “normal” way you celebrate the holiday, but since it is on a Saturday this year, make it special for the kids. Even if you never celebrate the holiday, do something symbolizing it this year for the children.

By Andrea K. Clark

Formal Dinner Parties

Many people host formal dinner parties throughout the year for a variety of reasons. Some just enjoy breaking out the fine china while others do so to friends or family members or special occasions such as a wedding. Regardless of what has prompted the formal dinner party, you’ve been invited and now you have to figure out what to wear. Below are some general guidelines for you to follow.


1.    Black Tie: This means you are to wear a formal tuxedo. Go to the “nine’s” when attending a black tie event. You should have the tux, vest, shirt, black tie, cummerbund, buttons, cuff links and matching shoes.

2.    Black Tie Optional: For these events, tuxedos are appropriate, but so are formal dark suits. When opting to wear a suit to a dinner like this, make sure it is a formal suit and you have a nice white collared shirt, tie (still required, doesn’t have to be black) and nice shoes.

3.    White Tie: White tie events are very rare, but they are still held from time to time. These dinner parties are extremely formal events. Make sure you wear a very formal suit, white tie, freshly pressed formal shirt, vest, cummerbund, cuff links and shiny shoes.


1.    Black Tie: As these are very formal events you should wear a long flattering evening gown with nice matching high heels. You hair should look as if it has been professionally styled as well.

2.    Black Tie Optional: Women have a little more freedom at black tie optional dinner parties as formal cocktail dresses are appropriate. Cocktail dresses are those where the hemline is at the knee or a little above, make sure the dress is not too short though. High heels are also appropriate and your hair should still be fixed nicely.

3.    White Tie: Dress as you would for a black tie dinner party.

By Andrea K. Clark

Father-Daughter Dances, Winter Socials and Other Kids Formal Events

A lot of people visit KidsFormal.com looking for formalwear meant for popular events such as weddings, holidays and religious services. However, these are not the only events when children need formal attire. There are many events hosted in cities around the country that provide children with the opportunity to dress up. Below are a few:


Father-Daughter Dances/ Mother-Son Balls – Many communities hold city-wide father-daughter dances and mother-son balls to provide parents with the opportunity to bond with their children. These events generally require tickets to be bought in advance, but are always fun for both the parents and kids to participate in, especially with young children. It makes them feel special and loved. The attire for these events are generally formal, giving all parties the chance to dress up and feel like a prince or princess for the evening.


Winter Socials or Parties – Even young children get invited to winter socials or parties that require formal attire. This is especially true for kids in grade school. While parents don’t like to see their kids grow up, kids want to participate in fun events like these where they can “hang out” with their friends in a unique fashion. 


You may not think that KidsFormal.com can help you find the right clothing for the above listed events and other kids formal events, but we can. The truth is that we carry girls’ dresses up to sizes 10, 12 and even 14, in some cases! And, we carry up to size 20 in most of our boys’ suits and boys’ tuxedos


Therefore, look head on over to KidsFormal.com when looking for older kids formal clothing. You’ll be surprised at our selection. 

By Andrea K. Clark

Make Time for Vacation

Several decades ago, families didn’t think twice about taking family vacations together. It was something families just did together. However, today things are quite different. Most families have two working spouses and the kids are generally in a ton of activities during the summertime, making it hard to get away for a family vacation – no matter how small it may be.

The sad thing is that the time families used to spend with each other on vacation is something that families of today desperately need. With the advances in technology and all of the demands pulling family members away from each other, it’s important to make time to spend with each other. Taking the family on a vacation is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

Okay, so how in the world are you supposed to make time for a family vacation? Well, one of the best ways is to use a summer event to jump-start your vacation. For example, most of us get invited to a wedding every summer. The fun thing is that some of the weddings we are invited to aren’t close…like, they’re in another state. For those weddings, most of us go online and send a gift to the happy couple.

Why not make the decision to go to that wedding? Sure, you’ll have to pack formalwear for members of the family (boys’ suits, dresses for girls, men’s formalwear, etc.), but if you can turn the wedding into a 5-7 day vacation, isn’t it worth it? Plus, by doing this, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone, so to say, as you’ll be able to attend the wedding of a relative or close family friend and be able to take your family on a vacation. All you need to do is look for a place within 100 miles or so of the wedding that has several attractions to interest all the members of your family and you’ll be set.

Perhaps you aren’t expecting an invitation to a summer wedding that’s very far way…that’s okay. You can always do something simple like take your family on a 4-day camping excursion. Even if you only travel across the state and stay for a few days, the time alone with your family will be well worth it.

The lack of family vacations being taken in America is disturbing because a lot of quality time away from the outside distractions of this world is being missed out on. Don’t let this happen to you and your family. I know this may be an odd post for KidsFormal.com, but we work with a lot of families as we help them choose tuxedos, dresses and other formalwear for their kids and we see how distant family members are becoming with each other. It’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Take the first step and go somewhere alone with your family for a few days and enjoy the quality time you spend with each other!

By Andrea K. Clark

Young Girls and Makeup

Do you remember when you were first allowed to wear makeup? I’m not sure about you, but my parents made me wait until I turned 13. In fact, on my thirteenth birthday, my mom had a Mary Kay consultant come over and give my friends and I all facials. Of course, part of my birthday present from my mother was purchasing some of the makeup for me. flower girl dresses

At the time, I didn’t think a thing about having to wait until I was 13 before I could wear makeup. And, neither did my friends…that age was a pretty normal age for girls “back then” (1990s) to start putting makeup on. However, things are beginning to change for young girls today.

It seems that more and more girls around the age of 7 are beginning to wear makeup. Why do you think this is? There truly isn’t a real need for girls at that age to be wearing makeup to school, is there? Girls at this age generally have flawless skin and don’t need any help looking beautiful. The problem is the beauty industry has begun to focus on young girls with their marketing efforts, making them believe that they will look prettier/better if they wear these products. Of course, it doesn’t matter what advertisements the beauty industry produces with our little girls in mind because parents have the ultimate say-so regarding when their girls will be able to wear makeup.  

So, the question for you is at what age do you believe it’s okay for your daughter(s) to wear makeup? (There is no wrong answer here, it is your decision to make.) Every family’s situation is unique, which can also have an impact on how you answer this question. For instance, maybe your daughter loves to participate in child beauty pageants, which often requires some makeup to enhance her pageant outfits. Often times, when young girls in beauty pageants begin to wear makeup to perform, they like to wear some light makeup when they aren’t performing too.

Playing dress up is another example of when many parents allow their young girls to wear makeup. And, right now, princess parties are very popular. Little girls love to get together and have their makeup done, hair curled and nails painted – just like all the princesses get to have done. Even if it isn’t a princess party, many little girls like to play dress up when they have friends over and many parents let them play with light colored makeup…which is perfectly fine too, as it is for play.

As previously mentioned, there really is no wrong age for young girls to begin wearing makeup – it’s entirely up to the parent and what you are comfortable with. So, at what age will you (or did you) let your girls begin wearing makeup?

By Andrea K. Clark