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Newsletter #35: Winter Wedding

Dear Valued Customers,

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just over a week away? Soon after all the festivities “Turkey Day” brings, Christmas shopping will be heavily underway. Not only will Christmas be on the way, but many brides-to-be will be counting down the days until their winter wedding arrives.

Of course, the staff at love weddings no matter when they occur, but we especially enjoy winter weddings. There just seems to be something magical about this time of year and it’s great to experience this magical feeling at a wedding! Therefore, in honor of all the brides-to-be planning a winter wedding, we have compiled a list of tips that you might find helpful!

Location: Winter weddings can be just as beautiful as spring or summer weddings, but they do require a different setting since the temperature is so much cooler. A few ideas for great winter wedding locations include: A Bed & Breakfast – This is the perfect place for a small and intimate winter wedding. Make sure the room has a fireplace that can be lit to make it even more intimate! A Lodge in the Mountains – What better place to have a winter wedding then in a lodge in the mountains where there is snow all around? Your guests can even stay an extra day or two and enjoy the nearby skiing! A Historical Building – Some of the most beautiful winter weddings have been held in historical buildings such as beautiful churches, amazing mansions and majestic castles! Wedding Attire For the most part, the wedding attire will be the same. The bride will be in a beautiful wedding dress and the groom will be in a formal tuxedo. However, there are a couple things that can be done to make the attire a little more…

20% Off plus Free Shipping

Dear Valued Customer,

Can you believe June is already upon us? Here at Kids Formal things are in full swing as this is the prime time for weddings! Although this is by far our busiest time of year, it is also our most favorite time of year! Wedding season is such a fun and exciting time because love is in the air and many dreams are coming true as brides say “I do.” What can possibly be more exciting than that?

As you already know, our focus during wedding season is to help brides find the perfect attire for their flower girls, ring bearers and any other little ones in the wedding. While this can be stressful for brides, we do everything we can here to help alleviate their stress. After all, they have so many other things to worry about – the last thing that should be on their mind is whether or not the flower girl dress will look good and fit right.

Over the years, we have done hundreds, if not thousands, of weddings and we are certain we can help you, or someone you know, pick out the perfect formal attire for those little ones! Whether it’s a flower girl dress, boy’s tuxedo or suit, or just finding the right shoes to wear – we can help! As one of our valued customers, we know that you have had success with us before and we want this to continue!

Our business depends on valued customers like yourself, therefore, we do everything we possibly can to make sure you are satisfied. Our goal is not only to provide you with the quality kids’ formal wear that you are looking for, but also to create a warm and inviting shopping experience that you find informative and helpful. To …

Couponing Works: My First Experience

Alright, so for the past week I have been researching and writing about how we can all save money with coupons. Well, today I decided to put my newfound knowledge to the test just to see how much I could save. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was…and I did save money! Here’s my results and what I did to get there.

I know you can’t really tell with the way I have the cereal boxes, but there are a total of six cereal boxes there (two of each type of cereal). Okay, so here’s the “skinny” on my savings today. I purchased a total of 15 items (16 if you count the $1.00 March of Dimes donation) at Kmart. My grand total was $31.79, but with my coupons I saved a total of $36.29!! I’m pretty excited about this because I actually saved more than I spent!

All I did was follow the advice I have shared with you over the past week. Since I didn’t get last week’s Sunday paper, I went online and printed off manufacturer coupons for the things my family uses. That took a little time – visiting the various coupon websites and clicking the coupons I wanted, printing them and then clipping them. This step was probably the most time consuming for me.

Next, I went to Walgreens and Kmart and picked up copies of their weekly fliers as I had decided early on that I didn’t want to start off my coupon shopping at Wal-Mart. I then came home and browsed the weekly specials. Since I’m not a member of the Walgreens reward program yet, I decided to go with Kmart.

All of the items I bought were already on sale (except the Suave body wash…that …