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Dresses for Girls in Pageants

If you have a little one who is interested in competing in a beauty pageant, and you have agreed to let her do so, then you will have to get her some girls’ pageant dresses that are appropriate for the pageant she will be competing in. Girls of all ages compete in beauty pageants, and the rules for the gowns worn vary depending on the various age divisions of those competing.

Generally, dresses for girls below the age of twelve (12) are more frilly and shorter. However, those competing in the older age divisions will be required to have a formal evening gown, which should always be floor length. Regardless of what age division your daughter falls in, there are a few tips that will help you out when choosing the right dresses for girls competing in pageants.

Consider the Category/Event – Each dress purchased for a pageant should have a specific purpose in mind. For example, you don’t want to buy a gown just because you think it’s cute and will look adorable on your little one. You need to buy a dress with a specific competitive category in mind. Dresses for girls in pageants that aren’t purchased with a specific purpose (talent, evening wear, etc.) are a waste of money because they often don’t get worn. Overall Appearance – You and your daughter may love the look of mermaid gowns, but if your daughter is pear-shaped, then a ball gown is going to look much better on her. It’s important to remember that the overall appearance of the dress is much more important than the particular style. The dress should complement the natural shape of your daughter’s body. Another quick tip for older competitors is that they can easily create the illusion of an hourglass figure if they…

Determining Which Colors Look Best on You

When women choose formal wear, it’s important that they know which colors look best on them for a couple of reasons. First, the wrong colors can make your skin looked washed out and do nothing to help your appearance. Second, formal dresses can be expensive so why buy something that doesn’t flatter you? In order to know what colors work best on you, you need to know what skin tone you have. Skin tones can be broken up into seasons, so let’s figure out what season you are!

Spring – Those with a Spring skin tone often have golden blond, light brown or red hair. Their skin may contain freckles and often has a “rosy” glow. Eye color for those with Spring skin tones is generally hues of blue or blue-green. The colors that flatter these women the most include soft colors like pink, peach and yellow. Because this is considered a warm skin tone, warm colors like light browns and greens also work well.

Summer – In contrast to Spring, the Summer skin tone is a cool tone. Women with this skin tone usually are natural blondes and even some brunettes. The skin color is very light and the colors that look best are more muted, soft colors. Bright and powerful colors easily overpower the skin and make it looked washed out.

Autumn – The Autumn skin tone is another warm skin tone. Most often this describes women red or dark brown hair. Their skin has a golden tone to it and the eyes are usually shades of green or brown. Very warm and rich colors look best on these women. For instance, brown, purple, green, burnt orange, etc. bring out the best in women with this skin tone.

Winter – Winter toned women usually have some Asian or …

The Romance of Red

All around the world the color red symbolizes love and romance. Every year on Valentine’s Day love is celebrated, and the color red takes center stage. Whether it’s a red box of chocolates, a red Valentine’s Day card, red wrapping paper or a red rose – on that day, red is everywhere! Perhaps, Valentine’s Day is the reason red is so commonly associated with love? Whatever the reason, red is the appropriate color to symbolize love. It is bold, beautiful, expressive, fun, mysterious, sexy and all the things that are necessary for love to take hold.

Because red is such a romantic and sexy color, it is used in a variety of ways. All realms of the fashion industry love the color. You don’t have to look very far to see sweaters, dresses, skirts, shoes, purses, coats and jewelry in the color red. One of the most common uses for the color red is in the lingerie industry. Red is mysterious and sexy, thus, the perfect color for panties, bras and negligees. Another glamorous place for red is at weddings! What better place for it then where love is already in the air? Many wedding dresses are designed with red as an accent color. Bridesmaids and flower girls also look stunning in red dresses. Whenever you need a spark of romance, go with red – it will not disappoint!


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Wedding Color: The Elegance of Black

Black is a very symbolic color that can be used to portray a wide variety of emotions and personal styles. One of the most common ways the color black is used to depict a particular emotion is when a funeral takes place. Black is the universal color of death and grief, and therefore, is appropriately worn for these occasions. It is also associated with evil, Halloween and everything scary. The above instances have given the color black a bad reputation. However, black can mean a wide variety of other things as well.

What do you think of when you see a black Lexus or Mercedes cruising down the street? Money, power and prestige are also displayed through the color black. However, one of the best qualities that the color black has tied to it is formality and elegance. Just look at a few black and white prints at an art gallery, or go and watch the symphony perform.

Weddings are another place where black can embrace its elegant heritage! When black is used as an accent color by way of tuxedos, flowers and even a flower girl dressed in black, it can create an atmosphere of elegance used to set the stage for the beautiful bride all dressed in white. So, next time you think about the color black, don’t just limit your thoughts to all the dark things associated with it. Instead, open your mind to explore a world of power, prestige and pure elegance!…