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Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

If you have been keeping up with our blog, then you saw the blog post we did about winter birthday party ideas for girls. Obviously, we know girls are not the only ones who have birthdays in the wintertime. Therefore, we’ve brought you a few winter birthday party ideas for boys below.

Boys are different than girls are and require different things for them to have fun. Boys are generally more rambunctious and have more energy to burn off than girls do. Therefore, having a winter birthday party can be difficult for parents with boys. Below are a few ideas to help you get a winter birthday party planned for your little man.

Pool Party – Yes, it’s possible to have a pool party for boys during the wintertime. Most communities have a rec center that has an indoor pool available year around. If you live in a small town, then check with the larger city you live close to. Winter pool parties are a lot of fun for boys and provide a great way for them to burn off extra energy. Laser Tag – If you have ever spend much time watching little boys play, they learn at a young age how to play cops and robbers, which always leads to playfully shooting at each other with fake guns. Laser tag is an excellent birthday party idea for boys who enjoy these types of games and have winter birthdays. It’s also perfect for large groups as laser tag centers are big enough for a lot of people and the more people that play, the more fun it is. Pizza/Arcade Party – You’ve probably heard of places like Chucky Cheese’s and Incredible Pizza. These are also excellent locations for wintertime birthday parties for boys. Why? They have everything you need…

Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you have one or ten bridesmaids in your wedding, it’s a good idea to let each of them know how much you appreciate their willingness to attend you on your wedding day. There are a lot of expenses associated with being a bridesmaids when you consider the cost of the dress, travel expenses, hotel fees (if out-of-town), hair and makeup and all the accessories needed to go with the dress. Therefore, as the bride, you need to give your bridesmaids a token of your appreciation as it is the proper thing to do. Below are a few personalized bridesmaid gift ideas to help you out.

Jewelry – The majority of women love jewelry, making this an easy gift to give. In addition to making a nice gift, you can give it to your bridesmaids the night before the wedding and explain that you thought it would look nice with their dresses the next day. For instance, you can have a necklace, earrings or a bracelet made for your girls. There are numerous ways to personalize them, simply ask the jewelry for some ideas. Cosmetic Bags and Jewelry Rolls – A couple of other great personalized bridesmaid gift ideas include cosmetic bags and/or jewelry rolls. Every girl needs a place to keep her makeup and a cosmetic bag is the perfect solution. You can find an assortment of cosmetic bags online that are able to be monogramed with your bridesmaids’ initials. You can do the same thing with jewelry rolls. Personalized Totes – As with jewelry, shoes and clothes…a girl can never have too many totes or handbags. Therefore, surprise your bridesmaids with a personalize tote bag that’s large enough to carry a beach towel, laptop or several books. This bag will definitely come in handy and…

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

As the provider of superior formalwear for children, the staff at has had the pleasure to be involved in many weddings over the years. We’ve helped brides of all budgets complete their wedding parties’ attire and have seen a number of centerpiece ideas as a result. If you are planning a wedding and haven’t been able to decide on your centerpieces, then you might find the following ideas helpful.

Mirrors and Candles – One of the more budget-friendly centerpiece ideas we’ve come across is the use of both mirrors and candles to create a romantic atmosphere at the reception. Most rental companies have square mirrors (1’x1’ or 18”x18”) available. This will be the base of your centerpiece, placed in the center of the tables. Then, you will need to either rent or provide your own candelabras to place on top of the mirrors.

Now, you can have each candelabra the same for all the tables, or you can create a more vintage effect (which can be quite elegant) by placing different candelabras on each table. For instance, say on one table you have a silver candelabra that holds 4 candles. On another table, place 3 individual candle holders (all different heights) to create a different effect. One thing to consider if you choose to use different candle holders on each table is that they should at least match in color. And, spray paint is a great, affordable way to achieve the matching look/color that you desire.

Cakes or Cupcakes – If you are working with a limited budget and are expecting a large number of people at your wedding, then you will most likely be looking for a way to feed everyone at a reasonable price. Consider using small (feed 8-10 people) cakes in the center of each of …

Engagement Picture Ideas

If you or someone you know has recently gotten engaged then the time will come (soon) for engagement pictures. In years past, many couples just took the traditional “side-by-side, holding-hands” engagement pictures. However, as with all things, we have evolved (thankfully!) and photographers are becoming bolder and are helping couples branch out and take engagement pictures that are fun, exciting and unique. Below are a few suggestions you might want to try when it comes time for your engagement pictures!

Go Vintage – While you want to keep your appearance the same for these important pictures, you can have some fun with the props you have in the background! Why not incorporate a few fun vintage props to give the pictures a few unique details that won’t be found in anyone else’s pictures? Be Active – Do you and your fiance have a special activity that you love doing together? Perhaps, you met at a sporting event and have been together ever since? If you and your fiance enjoy a specific activity, then why not highlight this activity in your engagement pictures? All of your friends and family will enjoy seeing some pictures of the happy couple doing one of the many things that they have in common! Get Intimate – Why not get a little intimate for your engagement pictures? After all, you’re getting ready to tie the knot! A lot of photographers can take some pretty romantic shots of couples in the light of the setting sun hugging and kissing. You could also lay out a blanket in the park (or at the beach) and take some pictures snuggling or staring into each other eyes for a unique look as well.

Finally, if you need formal attires such as boys’ tuxedos or girls’ special occasion dresses for your …

Vacation Ideas for Families with Young Children

For me, the month of January always means carving out a time to sit down and come up with a number of “plans.” For instance, every year at this time I sit down and make a list of the debt my husband and I have…I include everything but the car note and the mortgage. Then, my husband and I go over the list and determine which things we can get paid off by the end of the year…then we make a “plan” for how to do this. I also use this time to get our tax information in order and schedule an appointment with our accountant so we can get our income taxes done early.

Financial planning is not the only type of planning I do during the month of January. I also plan for upcoming events such as weddings, holidays (Easter), family pictures and, my favorite, a family vacation. Although I don’t necessarily enjoy spending money, I do love planning our yearly family vacations, especially now that my husband and I have children. However, in order to successfully plan a family vacation, I have to start planning (and setting money aside) early…this is why I get it done in January.

Perhaps, you have always wanted to take family vacations but don’t think vacationing with young children is going to be pleasurable. While there are unique challenges when traveling with young children, it is possible to have wonderful vacations during this stage of your life (and still bring the kids!). Below are a few vacation ideas for those of you with young children. Whatever you decide to do, get it planned (and possibly booked) now to ensure you have enough time to save up and prepare for it.

Disney Cruise – Disney cruises are great vacations for families with children…