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Winter Time Birthday Ideas for Girls

With the holiday season upon us, we are currently in the middle of winter and will stay here until Spring arrives. While many of us prefer to spend cold winter days snuggled up inside by the fire, life must go on and for many parents, this means at least one birthday party will take place during the winter months.

Winter birthday parties can be more difficult to plan than spring and summer birthdays because of the weather. Your kids can’t exactly play outdoors or enjoy a BBQ with friends and family…it’s just too cold. However, just because your options are limited in the winter time, doesn’t mean that your kids can’t have awesome birthday parties. Below are a few wintertime birthday ideas for girls. (We’ll talk about boys’ wintertime parties soon!)

Hot Chocolate/Tea Social: Young girls love to play dress up, and it’s even more fun when they have somewhere to go! If you have a young daughter (5-7) who is a “girlie-girl” and loves getting all dressed up to go out, then she will love the idea of a having a formal hot chocolate/tea social for her birthday party. Depending on how many guests you are expecting, you will probably only need 2-3 tables. Make sure each table is covered with a formal-looking table cloth and each place setting has a small dessert plate with a saucer and matching tea cup. (You’ll need silverware also). Announce in the invitation that attendees are to come in formal attire. At the party, you can either serve the girls or show them how to make their own hot chocolate/tea. The tea cups and saucers will make great party favors for the girls to take home. Ice Skating Party: Another great wintertime birthday idea for girls is an ice skating party. More than…

Formal Halloween Costume Ideas

In the last post you read about tips for helping you search for Halloween costumes for toddlers. If you have toddlers, or have older children now, you know how much fun they can be. Well, for those of you with slightly older kids (grade school) who enjoy being creative, you’re probably trying to help them figure out how to create a unique costume this year. Halloween is the perfect time to pull out the formal dresses, suits and/or tuxedos! Below are a few ideas to help you reuse your kids’ formal wear and create a fun and unique “formal” Halloween costume.

Fairy Tale Princess: If you have a little diva on your hands, then it’s quite possible she would enjoy getting all dressed up like a real princess. Make this more fun by deciding on a specific fairy tale princess for your little one to be. For instance, if she likes Cinderella, help her find some real “glass” slippers to go with her dress. Using a real formal dress fora fairy tale princess costume is a lot better than settling for the ones at Wal-Mart and other department stores. Count Dracula: Little boys generally love theatrics and special effects, which is why some enjoy vampires and the tale of Count Dracula. Well, if your son has been in a wedding recently and has a tuxedo hanging up in the closet, get it out, buy some make up and vampire teeth and help transform your angel into Count Dracula! Gangster/Mob Boss: A lot of older boys spend time reading comic books (or watching the recreations at the movies) and a lot of the characters in comic books are gangsters or involve the mob. As you know, these villains are generally well dressed and wear suits, ties, hats and dress shoes. So,…

Chore Ideas for Young Children

Teaching children responsibility is something we, as parents, should start doing when our kiddos are young. If we don’t start when they’re young (toddlers) then it only gets harder to raise good, responsible kids who will grow into responsible adults. And, that’s the ultimate goal isn’t it? To raise our kids so that they grow to become good citizens who are valued within their communities? Well, it all starts at home.

If you are like me then you grew up doing chores around the house. My parents always expected my brother and I to help out as we were members of the household too. Now that I’m a parent, I have come to respect the way my parents raised me. Doing chores did more than make me contribute to the family. It taught me what responsibility was, the satisfaction that comes from starting and completing a task and what it means to help those around me. So, what are some chores you can give young children to do? Below are a few ideas.

Hang up clothing. My oldest son is four (4) and while he isn’t capable of folding towels or his clothing yet, he is able to hang up his school shirts and dress shirts and put them in the closet where they go. All I have to do is lay them out flat on the bed for him and he does the rest. When he gets a little older, I’ll teach him how to fold underwear, match socks and fold towels but for now, I’m happy with him hanging up his clothing. Bring the trash in to be emptied. Every child is different and while some four year olds are capable of emptying their trash without making a mess, my son isn’t quite there yet. So, for the…

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Are you looking to do something new this year with your little ones? Maybe you want to start a fun family tradition that doesn’t occur during the normal months of October, November and/or December? Then, why not host a Valentine’s Day party for your young ones and their close friends?

I’m not sure why, but it seems like most holidays fall by the waste side after Christmas…at least for most adults. I’ll be honest, I never thought about a Valentine’s Day party until my son entered pre-K this year and we had to sign up to help with one of the class parties and Valentine’s Day happened to be one of them! So, guess who is helping with the pre-K Valentine’s Day party this year?

I’m not a big “party” person, but after doing some research looking for Valentine’s Day party ideas, I am getting a little excited about helping with this party. I’ve also gotten a lot of ideas for a Valentine’s Day party at my house where my little guy can invite a few of his friends over. Below are a few of the ideas I’ve come across in case you are looking to do something fun at home for your little one (and a few of his/her friends) this Valentine’s Day.

Make Valentine’s for Mom & Dad. A lot of young kids don’t get the opportunity to go shopping for a Valentine’s day gift for mom and dad. Therefore, why not set up a table at your house during the party where the little ones can make their own special gifts for mom and dad? It doesn’t have to be anything expensive…maybe just pieces of construction paper folded in half to make a card with an array of Valentine’s Day themed stickers and washable markers for the…