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Newsletter #47: Holiday 2018

Dear Valued Customer,

Can you believe we have already started another month; the last month of the year, at that! This year has really seemed to fly by for those of us at Kids Formal. We have enjoyed helping a wide variety of customers over the past year and we look forward to helping as many people as we can in 2018!

While we are already looking forward to 2018, we still have the rest of December to get through! While December isn’t our busiest month, it is definitely the most festive one! We love watching our customers bring in their little ones and help them find the perfect outfit for the holidays. For those shopping with us online, we enjoy filling those orders and sending them out because we know that your little ones eyes will light up when they see their special holiday outfits!

If you are still looking for the perfect holiday outfit for your little prince or princess, below are some of the new items we have in stock. Please come and visit us online at to check out the rest of our holiday items waiting to be shipped.

Newsletter #48: Fall: What’s in Store?

This is the time of year when we (parents) are focused on sending their kids back to school and getting them enrolled in the extracurricular activities they enjoy during the fall. And, as we watch our kids start their school year, we also begin to wonder just where in the world the time has gone.

I can remember every year on the first day of school my mom making my brother and I pose for those “1st Day of School” pictures. At the time, I didn’t get the importance of it and as I got older I began to get more and more impatient with the pictures…it just wasn’t cool to have to take a “1st Day of School” picture when you were a Junior/Senior in high school!

However, now that I’m a mom, I totally get it. It’s not that we can’t get pictures of our kids any other time, but instead it’s a way for us (parents) to lock in the memory of our kids’ first day of school every year. It allows us to go back to the year before, on the first day of school, and see just how much our kids have grown over the course of a year.

At this time last year, I was sending my little “big” man off to his first day of Kindergarten and here we are sending him off to 1st grade. It just amazes me how much faster time goes by when we begin to use our kids as the “time” measuring stick.

In addition to our yearly back to school pictures serving as a reminder for how fast our children grow, we also have the clothing that they outgrow at superhuman rates! Sadly, we can’t ignore our children outgrowing their clothes at this time of year because …

Newsletter #52

Dear Valued Customer,

Can you believe it’s already the beginning of September? Labor Day is upon us and we have one last month before fall is “officially” here!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for fall to make its debut. I’m ready for the leaves to start changing colors and eventually fall. I’m ready for the hot summer air to begin to cool and become crisp. I’m ready for the kids to start chattering about their Halloween costumes and upcoming parties. While there are so many things that I’m ready for in regards to fall, the one thing that I’m most ready for is the excitement of the holidays as they approach.

Are you ready for this? While we can’t help you with all of your holiday preparations, Kids Formal can help you get the right formal wear for your kiddos! And, best of all…you can get it done now, before the craziness officially hits. Think about it: if you get it done now, that’s one less thing that you have to worry about as you prepare for the large family dinners, crazy shopping trips and late night wrapping sessions.

Below are some of the new arrivals that we have just received that are waiting to be shipped out to their new owners.

Black and red both make wonderful colors for the holidays as they are festive, elegant and classy. The three dresses above are just a few of the styles that we currently have in stock that eloquently display these two holiday colors. There are many more, so hurry over and check them out before they’re gone!

If sparkle is the look your little one wants this holiday season, Kids Formal has lots of glittering dresses just waiting for her! The three dresses above are all …

Newsletter #8: Kids Formal

Dear Valued Customer,

We truly hope you are having a wonderful April so far. Can you believe that in just a couple of weeks May will be here with all of the beautiful colors of spring? If you have not replenished your children’s closets with the spring formalwear they outgrew last year, this is the perfect time to do it. Right now, we are offering an additional 10% off + Free Shipping on all orders from our website. All you have to do is enter coupon code “extra10” at checkout!

If you have been receiving our newsletters for a while then you know that our newsletters are a little different than most companies because we don’t always focus on kids’ formalwear. Sometimes, we like to give you updates and advice regarding various parenting topics that we think you might be interested in. This week is one of those weeks.

I recently read an article stating that wireless devices for children can cause a lot of damage in the long run due to the radiation put off by these wireless devices. The devices in question include cell phones, iPads, iPods, etc. If you’ve ever taken the time to read the fine print that comes with these devices, you’ll find a warning about the possible health risks associated with them. The issue is that these health risks were written under the assumption that an average man weight 220 pounds is who will be using the devices.

Obviously, women and children of all ages use these devices. When it comes to children, their skulls are thinner, which allows their brains to absorb more radiation from these devices than adults do. Over time, this can cause a variety of health problems for children, young adults and adults who have been using the devices for …

Newsletter #18

Kids Formal Launches New Line of Women’s Dresses

“Given the success and rapid growth that Kids Formal has experienced over the past two decades, the owners have decided to expand once again. This time, Kids Formal is expanding to Women’s Dresses. That’s right, now customers can enjoy the same high-quality materials and low prices on a large variety of women’s dresses just like they do on the children’s formal wear at Kids Formal!”…