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A Few Ideas for Winter Weddings

While we all love a good spring or summer wedding, there is something special about those who plan their weddings in winter. Winter weddings can be some of the most intimate, beautiful and cozy weddings when they are planned just right. However, it’s the planning that can be the difficult part.I mean, the options that couples have available for spring and summer weddings just aren’t all there for winter weddings. For example, you can’t exactly plan an outdoor wedding (unless you’re on a tropical island) and the use of bright and “fun” colors won’t go over very well during the winter months. However, just like there are some details that are reserved for spring and summer weddings, there are also some options that are best saved for winter weddings. Here are a few of them:

Specialty Bars – The types of specialty “bars” that you would find at a winter wedding include hot chocolate bars, s’mores bars and caramel apple bars. All of these are excellent ideas for the couple planning a winter wedding as they are all winter favorites. There’s just something warm and cozy about eating a caramel apple or fixing yourself a s’more while snuggling up with a warm cup of hot chocolate when the weather is freezing outside! These simple specialty bar ideas will help create a warm and intimate feeling amongst your wedding guests. Use Nature to Decorate the Wedding Cake – Aside from the wedding dress, one of the most anticipated features of a wedding (for the wedding guests) is the wedding cake. Wedding cakes are really pieces of art that are designed to showcase the happy couple’s style and personality. If you are trying to create a beautiful winter wedding that feels like a winter wedding, then use nature to decorate the wedding…