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The Finishing Touch

So, you have a formal event coming up and your little ones are going to attend. More than likely you’re thinking about when you are going to find the time to take the little ones shopping for a new dress and/or suit. This is a valid concern, especially if you have a busy schedule outside of work. You can simplify that process if you take my advice and shop online for the kids’ formalwear. And, to make it even quicker…make it a one-stop online shopping trip and shop at Kidsformal.com for all of your little ones’ outfits.

Well, that’s all there is to it, right? Nope. Finding the kids’ formal wear is just part of preparing them for a formal event. There are always a few extra finishing touches that you will need to take care of before the big event. Below you will find the most common finishing touches for both boys and girls. (Keep in mind, that these are just suggestions…by no means are you required to do all of them when getting your little ones prepared for a formal occasion. They are only meant to be a helpful guide.)


Haircut and Style – It’s always a good idea to take your little man to the barber a day or two before a formal occasion and have his hair trimmed up. Then, if you like, once the formal attire has been put on, add a little gel to his hair and style it to ensure it looks great all night (or day) long! Cologne – A lot of parents don’t see the need for little boys to wear cologne to formal events. While it’s not a necessity, I like to let my little guy wear some “smell good” to these special occasions. Why? Because he sees his…