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Kid Birthday Party Planning Tips

I think I’ve mentioned a few times over the last couple of months that my oldest son is about to turn six. His birthday is next weekend and while we usually do a big BBQ with family and close friends for his birthday, we promised him that we would let him have a birthday party with his school friends starting when he was six. So, this year we are entering the world of “kid birthday parties.”

Planning a child birthday party for little ones and their friends always looks like a fun thing to do when you are pregnant or your child is still an infant. However, when the time comes, it is just a tad bit stressful. At least that’s how I am feeling right now. However, I have learned a few things during this party planning phase that have kept my stress level to a minimum. You may benefit from one or more of these tips:

Pay for a venue. Over the last 5 years, birthday parties have always been held at my house. While they are always fun as we have a lot of family and friends attend, the cleanup portion isn’t so much fun. And, when hosting a party at home, I can never predict how long it will last. This year, since there will be a lot of little ones attending, I made the decision to book the party at the gym where my son takes gymnastics. Here’s why:

It’s in contained area. (children will not get lost) The party can only last a maximum of 2 hours. I don’t have to worry about cleanup other than what I bring (cake, presents, etc.).

Make your own invitations. In the past, I have always had really cute photo invitations made for my son’s birthday. I know …