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Boys Outfits: The Perfect Solution

Formal wear for boys has been considered by many to be too expensive because boys grow quickly and the attire doesn’t get much use. Many people are referring to the cost of tuxedo formal wear and even suits for boys. When you purchase a tuxedo, it can be pricey especially when you have to purchase additional accessories such as vests, cumber bunds, ties and matching shoes. Often times, little boys’ suits can be just as expensive. How many of you have had to do this so your child could be in a family member’s wedding? Please be aware that you do have another option available to you. In fact, a very affordable option! Many parents are not aware that they can go and buy entire boys outfits that come with the shirt, neck-tie, vest and pants for very reasonable prices! These outfits look just as nice as a formal suit or tuxedo, and at online merchants such as www.KidsFormal.com, cost much less! Depending on the event you are attending, if necessary, you may be able to rent a nice jacket to compliment the outfit perfectly, and still being cheaper than purchasing a suit or boys tuxedo. Some merchants, such as Kidsformal.com. even sell these boys outfits with the jacket! The truth is that most events don’t require a tuxedo to be worn, and for the few occasions that require a tuxedo, it may be worth it to rent the tuxedo, especially if your son is at the age where he outgrows his clothing every two months. However, for many other occasions, it’s worthwhile to invest in either a boys suit or a complete boys outfit. Occasions such as baptisms, funerals, weddings (if your son isn’t in the bridal party), Christmas Eve service, Easter, formal social gatherings and many others are…

Quick Fixes for Common Fashion Problems

We have all worn a piece of clothing before that has had some sort of clothing malfunction during the time we’ve been wearing it. For the most part, these malfunctions are small inconveniences that make us feel uncomfortable and make the piece of clothing not pleasurable to wear. Often times, these seemingly complex issues can be fixed rather quickly, when you know what to do. Below are quick fixes for some of the most common fashion problems.

Gapping of Dress Shirts – There are a few ways to fix this problem, it just depends on what you have available to fix it with when it occurs. If you are out and about and notice your blouse gapping, you can easily fix it with a safety pin and no one will notice. However, if you don’t have a safety pin available, you can temporarily fix it with an earring by using the earring and its back like a safety pin. Once you get home, you can permanently fix the problem by attaching a small piece of Velcro on the inside of the shirt in the problem area.

Zipper Problems – The two most common types of problems regarding zippers are when, 1) the zipper won’t glide easily, and 2) when the zipper loses traction and doesn’t stay up. The good news is that there is a solution for each of these issues.

Zipper Doesn’t Glide Easily: To fix this problem, simply take two strips of masking tape and put one piece on each side of the zipper to protect the material. Then, get some WD-40 and spray on the zipper itself. You’ll find that the non-gliding zipper will move easily now.

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