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Wedding Attire Tips

Are you in the beginning stages of planning a wedding? It all seems overwhelming doesn’t it? The good news is that once you get started, you’ll pick up speed and get through it. However, there are some important things you need to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding dress, flower girl dresses and other formal wear to be worn in your wedding.

Hold Out for “The One” – You hear a lot of women talk about how they just can’t justify spending a lot of money on a wedding dress and how “it’s only going to be worn for a few hours.” Well, let me tell you something…if you settle for an “okay” dress that doesn’t make you fall in love with it because it’s cheaper, you’re most likely going to regret it for years to come.There are a lot of areas within a wedding that can be “skimped” on, but your wedding dress should not be one of them. This is the one day of your life that is all about you. You deserve to feel beautiful. Therefore, hold out for “the one” and get the dress that takes your breath away. With that being said, you need to order your wedding dress no later than 16 weeks before your wedding, note that 24 weeks ahead is preferred. Flower Girl Dresses Don’t Have to be Expensive – Yes, it is important that the flower girl dresses look cute and fit in with the rest of your wedding party attire, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune on the dresses. In fact, in most cases, the flower girl’s family pays for the dress, so you might want to keep the price reasonable. Finally, you have a little more time for order flower girl dresses…

Wedding Colors for Fall

While most people consider spring and summer to be the best time for a wedding, there are many more who prefer to get married in the fall. Fall, or Autumn, is a beautiful time of year when nature provides many gorgeous color combinations of its own. If you have just gotten engaged and are thinking about getting married next fall, or even this fall, you may need a few ideas for great wedding colors for fall.  Below are a few suggestions:

Purple and Chocolate – One might not think that purple (or eggplant) would ever look good with a dark shade of brown. However, it really does. The chocolate works to give your wedding a warm feeling while the purple puts off a sense of elegance. After all, purple is the shade of royalty. Red, Orange and Yellow – If you want some of the brighter wedding colors for fall, then red, orange and yellow are the colors you’re seeking. These colors will brighten up your wedding while providing a beautiful sense of warmth for your guests. If you are up for adding a fourth color to the combination, consider adding a warm shade of brown in the mix. Olive Green and Rust – While you may be familiar with olive green, many aren’t that familiar with rust. It’s a very neutral, toned-down version of orange. It’s a little brighter than tan, but not as striking as orange and it looks amazing next to olive green. This color combination is great or fall weddings and one that is not chosen very often, making it easy for your fall wedding to stand out among the rest…