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What’s in a Suit?

As the mom of two young boys, I’m constantly trying to find great clothes for them that not everyone around here has. For those of you with boys, you know how hard that can be since most clothing manufacturers all churn out a lot of the same things for boys: trucks, monsters, sports, etc. It seems like girls have so many more options available to be unique in the clothing they wear.

While it is hard to find normal clothes that are unique for boys, it can be incredibly difficult to find formal clothing that gives them a little uniqueness. I mean our options for boys are suits and tuxedos, right? Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about suits and exactly what they can “say” when worn.

Distinguished Formality – There are many suits out there that are almost as formal as the tuxedo. Generally these suits contain a 3-button jacket and are in black or white. Naturally, the vest and tie also match and are also in a solid color, and the traditional dress shoes are worn to compliment. The great thing about a suit like this is that it can be worn to very formal events (where tuxedos aren’t required) and look just as nice as a tuxedo. For instance, at my wedding, my father wore a striking black suit and looked just as nice as the guys in the bridal party wearing their tuxedos A Casual Grace – Suits are great for looking formal, yet casual. How many beach weddings have we seen where the groom has chosen to wear a nice tan suit with his best pair of brown leather sandals…and pulls off the look? I’ve seen it a lot and have to admit, it’s probably one of my favorite looks for a beach…