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How to Find Affordable Shoes for Kids

While I absolutely love being a parent and couldn’t be happier with my boys, one of the things that I dread is shopping for shoes. I should rephrase that to say that I like shopping for shoes, but I dread spending the money for the shoes. I know that everything costs money, but the price of shoes can be astronomical and while I don’t mind paying for a good pair of shoes, when it comes to my children, I have to keep the prices reasonable because they grow out of their shoes so quickly.

When my oldest son was little I didn’t do a lot of research regarding where to shop for affordable, yet still durable, shoes for him. I stuck to the main department store shoes and didn’t stray too far from there because I knew those shoes were going to be within my budget. While this was fine when he was just starting to walk as he got older I noticed that these “cheap” shoes didn’t hold up at all.

Let’s just say that this time around with baby #2, I’ve learned a lot about finding high-quality shoes that my kids and I both love while sticking to my budget! Below are my suggestions for finding the affordable kids shoes that you are looking for:

Give online shopping a try. I was very skeptical about shopping online for my boys’ shoes for a couple of reasons. First, a lot of the brands that I was considering were brands that my boys had never worn before so I was unsure about how they would fit their feet without them being able to try them on first. Secondly, I was nervous about the actual process of shopping online and the return policies if the shoes didn’t work out.Eventually, I got…