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Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Have you ever noticed that more and more homes are being decorated in neutral tones that can have a “blah” effect? Well, the same is true for a lot of weddings and other formal events too. It appears that people are increasingly becoming more afraid of using color to make statements at these events for fear that others will frown upon the color combination. You may even have a tendency to tone the color combinations down yourself when you are planning an event…or even picking out your child’s clothing. Do everything in your power to not be sucked into this pitfall!

There is a reason we are surrounded by beautiful colors. They are here to be enjoyed. While it’s perfectly acceptable to plan a wedding with browns, whites and creams, these types of colors can be bland if there isn’t another color “thrown” in with them. Brown is one of those colors that almost anything can go with because it’s a warm and neutral color. Therefore, consider using yellow, orange, blue/turquoise, pink or green as an accent color to brighten up your event.

If you are bit more daring, consider leaving the neutral colors out of your wedding or other important event. For instance, have you considered pairing up plum and fern together? While you may think these colors will clash, they actually compliment each other perfectly. Other fun combinations include: red, yellow and orange/ purple and red/ and turquoise, pink and white.

Your options really are endless when it comes to color combinations. Just remember not to be intimidated by color. You’ll have more fun when you incorporate bright, bold and passionate colors into your event. Even those who have to wear the colors will like break from the popular bland and boring colors!…