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Couponing Works: My First Experience

Alright, so for the past week I have been researching and writing about how we can all save money with coupons. Well, today I decided to put my newfound knowledge to the test just to see how much I could save. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was…and I did save money! Here’s my results and what I did to get there.

I know you can’t really tell with the way I have the cereal boxes, but there are a total of six cereal boxes there (two of each type of cereal). Okay, so here’s the “skinny” on my savings today. I purchased a total of 15 items (16 if you count the $1.00 March of Dimes donation) at Kmart. My grand total was $31.79, but with my coupons I saved a total of $36.29!! I’m pretty excited about this because I actually saved more than I spent!

All I did was follow the advice I have shared with you over the past week. Since I didn’t get last week’s Sunday paper, I went online and printed off manufacturer coupons for the things my family uses. That took a little time – visiting the various coupon websites and clicking the coupons I wanted, printing them and then clipping them. This step was probably the most time consuming for me.

Next, I went to Walgreens and Kmart and picked up copies of their weekly fliers as I had decided early on that I didn’t want to start off my coupon shopping at Wal-Mart. I then came home and browsed the weekly specials. Since I’m not a member of the Walgreens reward program yet, I decided to go with Kmart.

All of the items I bought were already on sale (except the Suave body wash…that …